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Arrive at Kunming

No matter be,still be the train by air, suggest time arrives at Kunming midday. So convenient look for hotel, hotel, be familiar with an environment at the same time. Kunming accommodation is very convenient, if it were not for perhaps travels in the golden week recieve session to come, can choose satisfactory room. Accommodation also has petty gain expensive, cheap can stay in a youth hostel. The expensive hotel that also can choose high quality scales. The famousest youth hostel has:

Youth hostel of international of Kunming hump hotel

Washhouse of dramshop, washhouse, network room, self-help, bed 100, referenced price limits: 25 yuan / bed, free breakfast.

Address: Hotel of hump of store of travel of Jin Mafang of road of green jade of Kunming city gold

Phone: 0871-3640359

Recommend a reason: Be located in urban center, there is large department store all round, the place is fastfood full street is. And looking from weather station is whole square and flourishing shopping mall, the setting sun falls on the west, go up at the beginning of colorfully decorated lantern, very romantic.

Kunming international youth hostel

Room of assembly room, TV, buffet, public phone (IDD) , room of card of kitchen of self-help washhouse, self-help, reading room, chess, Internet bar, bar, tennis court, parking lot, bed consults 218 times price limits: 20-40 yuan / everyday (odd world, 2 worlds, 4 worlds)

Address: Road of Kunming emerald green Hunan C of guesthouse of 94 the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conferences

Phone: 0871-5167131

Recommend a reason: Surroundings is quiet and tastefully laid out, air is fresh, be located in bank of beautiful emerald green lake, also be downtown area. The mew that winter can see group plays over Yu Hu face.
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