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Li Jiang travels complete manual

Li Jiang's climate
Year of average air temperature of Li Jiang in 12.6 ℃ - between 19.8 ℃ , warm summer of beautiful river winter is cool, the average air temperature of the hottest month is 18.1 ℃ - between 25.7 ℃ , average air temperature is the coldest month 4 ℃ - 11.7 ℃ . Can see from this group of numbers, li Jiang changes mediumly one year is not very big, the air temperature of Dan Lijiang morning and evening is like however was to span Chun Xia two season. Annual 7, monsoon will come August, this paragraph of time is the most unfavorable travel to Li Jiang, because meet highway cave in easily, the influence gives a plan. 4, will mix May 9, October, it is air temperature and plant no matter for the rule that grow, it is the optimal season of amuse oneself Li Jiang.

Go in Li Jiang
Aviation: Li Jiang has Kunming, on the west the airliner of and other places of double edition accept, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Beijing, Chongqing. The amount of the airliner can be adjusted according to travel season, the airliner of travel busy season will be very much. Beautiful river airport is apart from Gu Cheng to make an appointment with 27 kilometer, the airport has traffic car to go there and back receive send, 10 yuan / person. In Gu Cheng the mouth sets airline ticket representative to be in, offer city inside send a ticket freely the service.
Main vehicle of Li Jiang still is long-distance regular bus, these 3 cities have kapok of Kunming, Dali, Sichuan the regular bus of nonstop Li Jiang. Service center of passenger transport of beautiful river car has send area of past Yunnan part and this city each county and part most the regular bus of the dot, this center is in the place such as restaurant of terminal of jade spring guesthouse, car, beautiful river to all set computer wicket mouth. Passenger station of tall fast passenger station, beautiful river travel has group of beautiful river transportation the fast fast regular bus of Kunming. Center of passenger transport of Li Jianggao fast car: Every sky midday 8: 0 - 12: 0 between those who send past Kunming, Dali run quickly, Woerwo is tall fast regular bus, can arrive at Kunming and Dali that day; On government of county of Fu Hui road, long canalage accept on the west big public house east side can take a car, must order a ticket ahead of schedule.
Li Jiang's bus is medium cling to car, 1: Guesthouse of beautiful river of? of Qu of the foot of mountain - civil aviaton stands - passenger station - democratic road; 2: Passenger station of Duo thighing? - east road; 3: Passenger station of? of small box copy - new avenue; 5: ? of Qu of the foot of mountain grows canalage - the countryside that help city; 6: Village of suburb of north of? of Qu of the foot of mountain - white sanded market; 7: White Sha Bi of? of Qu of the foot of mountain is drawn - jade peak temple - Gan Haizi - dragon spruce level ground, fare counts collection by the kilometer, there are 1000 taxis about inside beautiful Jiangchen, common taxi starts valence is 6 yuan, every kilometer increases price 1. 6 yuan; Sang Dana starts valence 7 yuan, every kilometer increases price 1. 8 yuan. Browse inside the county only commonly, 6 yuan of / wade, the driver connects regular meeting to accept. Bicycle: There is the service that rent a car inside beautiful river city, but be confined to a bicycle (unified for country car) , there is rental service in red sun square, rent charge day of 15 yuan of / . If leave range of county limits price to discuss, the weak flourishing of travel season is price floating main basis. For complement the inadequacy of these two kinds of vehicle, what there is private battalion luck in opening of all directions market is medium cling to car, the price wants material benefit than the taxi. What private battalion carries is medium cling to the car can arrive at the any tourist attraction by the side of Li Jiangzhou, kan price is must.
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