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Teng Chong swims 4 days strategy

The history town of military importance vacates the another name for Yunnan Province with long, lead abluent China on the west strong with its war of resistance against aggression of remote of bridge of jade of amber memorial archway, another name for Yunnan Province is mixed culture of live abroad country, substantial culture natural resources and in order to heat up the sea hot field, save in good condition volcanic lava landforms landscape,
Protect hill to be located in Yunnan to save western, be apart from provincial capital Kunming 498 kilometers, be linked together with Burmese landscape outside, territory boundary grows 167.78 kilometers, land area 19637 square kilometer. Administer grand this world, Shi Dian, Teng Chong, Long Ling, Chang Ning one area 4 counties, total population 2.43 million person. The world resides minority 13, population 230 thousand person. Have overseas Chinese, relatives of nationals living abroad, returned overseas Chinese 270 thousand more than person, distributing to be mixed in 20 many countries area, it is the live abroad native place with distinguished Yunnan. History of the development that protect hill is earlier, the Eastern Han Dynasty always makes the same score 12 years (the Christian era 69 years) set Yong Changjun, for at that time the 2nd large county of countrywide, it is the communications center of southern ancient the Silk Road, the remote in past dynasties imprints the distribution centre of commerce. Highway of remote of another name for Yunnan Province, medium imprint highway (highway of Shi Di power) wear condition and over- . The nature that protect hill, humanitarian landscape hands in photograph reflect, travel resource has distinguishing feature alone, natural groove guard is known as tall Li Gongshan " the world moves plant north and south to hand in collect corridor " , " species gene library " , 2000, u.N. Educational approval is " world biosphere groove guard " .
Teng Chong is located in on the west of another name for Yunnan Province borders, western with Burmese border, the communications center of ancient southwest the Silk Road ever was on the history. Teng Chong renown " jump over " , it is Chinese southwest borderland a resplendent bright phearl, have " extremely edge the first city " , " Yunnan countryside of the first live abroad " , " document name state " , of emerald city praise. Teng Chong is apart from Beijing city 4000 much kilometers, have be as long as the territory boundary of 148.75 kilometers, the county is apart from territory boundary only 70 kilometers, by the side of pole of it may be said, for the ground that past dynasties military strategist in ancient China contends for surely, can says " extremely edge the first city " . Teng Chong also is famous city of countrywide history culture at the same time, " geological museum " , " natural arboretum " , " natural museum " .
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