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Double edition accept travels completely on the west strategy

Area of double edition accept belongs to selva climate on the west, xia Mo intense heat of summer, the winter does not have severe cold, warmth of the four seasons is delightful. First-rate travel time will come in October second year June. On the west the climate of double edition accept does wet cent only, will come every year to will be dry season second year in April in November, monsoon is in annual between 5-10 month. Year average air temperature 21 ℃ , here does not snow, although be in January, air temperature is very high also by day, a sweater is sufficient but hibernate.

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Airport of double edition Na Jinghong is provincial on the west the port of the 2nd big aviation that is next to Kunming, be apart from Jing Hong urban district 5 kilometers. The airport from 1990 since be open to navigation or air traffic, early or late open up to Dali, Li Jiang, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, The domestic line of the main city such as Tianjin, Chengdu, Chongqing. Additional, airport of double edition accept still divides Kunming on the west outside, another International Airport with provincial Yunnan, have nonstop flight number with the Bangkok of Thailand. Kunming comes double edition accept has 2 airliners to go there and back at least everyday on the west, busy season can amount to 6-10 airliner, course 520 kilometers, flight time 45 minutes, full price 520 yuan. The International Airport is located in edition accept Jing Hong urban district 5 kilometers, the bus arrives directly, take a taxi very convenient also, but do not make a list. If take a taxi, beforehand should say hello to the price.
Can be in Kunming long-distance car passenger station buys a ticket, everyday regular bus of many 20 sleeper and high speed regular bus leave for Jing Hong, full-length although have 700 much kilometers only, but curved talk is more in road, travel time is commonly between 18—20 hour. The long-distance car that sends past Jing Hong from Kunming all is car of evening shift sleeper, have fast settle or live in a strange place among them long-distance car, both difference depends on time and comfortable; But advantage depends on, stagger diurnal highway height operation, also let a tourist save diurnal time.
The traffic inside city
Jing Hong urban district has passenger station of Jing Hong car and service station of edition accept passenger transport, everyday a lot of regular bus leave for each county, countryside, can take you to arrive the travel tourist attraction that wants to go. Address of passenger station of Jing Hong car: Road of Jing Hong north 23 phones: 0691-2123171, on the west phone of passenger station of double edition accept: Address of service station of passenger transport of 0691-2123570 edition accept: Ethical north road 5 phones: 0691-2123348
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