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Tea Ma Gu
Pu'er tea is with ground of distributing center, treatment " Pu Er " famed " tea " , boil because of be able to bear or endure, edible and officinal all beautiful, it is at that time give priority to in order to eat meat of flocks and herds at dairy produce, "Blame tea not disappear " the essential that Tibetan afterbirth can not lack. However, songdai chaos caused by war, need to ask for a large number of the army and the people, send the thing that a large number of people living on the frontiers drive a horse to change tea. Authorities has sale for the horse, tea has source, establish for this " tea horse manages " , the each other city that runs border area tea and horse only trades. Then people walked out of winding between group of hill great river of traverse mountain range and gorge " tea Ma Gu " . Pu Er rises south, via Dali, Li Jiang, the pasture in passing all the way, cross white awn snow mountain, river of edge billows dark blue enters Tibet and as far as Nepalese, India; Another Lu Congwei jumps over green jade Luo Xueshan to arrive on the west angry river, enter and other places of Tibetan examine border along snow mountain gorge again. ...
All roads, not only today's road, it is prospective road, it is go from the road place in the past come.
Lu Xun has said: "What is a road? Namely never the local trample of the road comes out, come out from the local open up that has bramble only. Have a way early before. Also should have a way forever later. Also should have a way forever later..
In this 90% cloud that is country south, the place with again great hill somebody, the place of somebody is differ however will surely the truth of build standardization, but people is certain can " never the local trample of the road goes out " the road comes. And, pass big negative charge, hand lean on a stick " hit beetle " , when travel, when cane, when resting, mat it is below a basket carried on the back, very loose loose shoulder, pant. Mao Zedong has a poem to: "East desire dawn, mo Daojun travel is early, step green hill person not old, scenery here alone good. " no wonder " have a way early before, also should have a way forever later. Also should have a way forever later..
A train of horses carrying goods, compared person carries a shoulder on the back to carry, the route goes much more widely again, but, be like nobody " never the place of the road tramples " the outlet comes, a train of horses carrying goods also nowhere is feasible. American writer Edgar? The travel of his Yunnan 1930 says Si Nuo record and narrate: "A train of horses carrying goods of Yunnan, can calculate probably on peerless, no hurry unbearably least of all, the most indescribable, a kind of vehicle that likes protracted time most. " long long, endless mountain line, it is leisurely ground, leisurely ground, in order to last firm and persistent tenacity, take the distant place that that cannot not take. From BC 122 years, piece the highway of have trade relations that Qian discovers our country is the oldest here, Sichuan? Body poison, leisurely ground walks out of a southwest, the Silk Road of Persia of prep so far as. When war of resistance against aggression, flee from a calamity is written to the scholastic Shi Zhecun of Yunnan " it is to be being arranged forever almost one-way " when a train of horses carrying goods, respecting lead horse " it is a loftier, there is a special adornment on its head, often reflex the roundlet lens of sunshine and the tassel of one Cong Gong green at the same time, its neck next hanging a bell of a string of horse. When before becoming it to be in uprightly, the face acts as a guide, ground of Long of Dong of ring Dong Long is ringing, create a sensation of an one be born wears the head that the tassel on the head follows it, the horse from the back follows them to advance. " the person that manages a train of horses carrying goods is called " equestrian boiler head " . "If female, when the packhorse that grows a hardship when this crosses a beautiful highland all right, answer and wear those equestrian ring, her blue folk song, although you won't understand their significance, can make you feel what kind is touched again! Can make you feel what kind is touched again!!
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