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Clever close
Sichuan falls southward, still one via the ancient business of existence already. Qinhan during, sichuan eminent family name, a large number of ironware that Cheng Zheng will cast from plain the facing on the west Qiong (today Sichuan Qiong Lai) traffic arrives Yunnan, reach foot therefore (today Vietnam) . The business of this traffic ironware, it is clever close, it is to communicate plain the line of principal liaison man south Xi Yuyun. Clever close Cong Shu to wait for Xi Yi area through Qiong, jin Shajiang is crossed south, reach area of Yunnan Er sea or area of pool of another name for Yunnan Province. This road also was passed in Chinese generation energetically punish. Chinese fierce emperor sends Sima Xiangru " decide Xi Yi slightly " , make the tribe leader such as the Qiong of this one area, 筰, Ran, Si Yu all requests to be the official inside Han Chao. Subsequently, sima Xiangru is " clever close " , carry out energetically " close except the edge, switch opens up " measure, tone is sent cling to, soldier of Sichuan, An Hanzhi arms counts a person, used time of two years to undertake development rebuilding to this road, the Si Yu of the bank till Er sea. So clever closing is the route of principal liaison man that Cong Shutong goes Er sea area. Clever the line that closes, without particular account, its cardinal principle and Tang Dynasty from fall to close essentially similar to the Qing Xi of Er sea south Chengdu. About by set out from Chengdu today, classics today double stream, Lai of new ferry, Qiong arrives elegant how, to Na Jinghan source, jump over 巂 to arrive at Xi Chang too, go south succeed add like that, cong Sanfeng (today Sichuan can manage southwest) cross Jin Shajiang, guo Qingling (today Yunnan Yao is installed) , lane ridgepole (today Yunnan auspicious cloud) arrive at 楪 Yu (today Yunnan Dali) .

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