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5 feet
5 feet namely Qin Chang 頞 " enlightened " the path that Cong Shushen enters Yunnan. It from next classics 僰 austral Sichuan (today Sichuan appropriate guest) , Zhu Di (today Yunnan clear is connected) to pool of another name for Yunnan Province, it is the main business line of Yunnan and Sichuan. A when attract Ba Shu's person to reach southwest exterminate area at that time essential commerce is " 僰 Zhuang " traffic. "僰 Zhuang " county of out 僰 path, consequently 僰 path county becomes Sichuan merchant to traffic " 僰 Zhuang " main area and trade ground. The road that to 僰 from Sichuan has been put early in, call to Chinese generation " 僰 black clothes " : You Shu sets out, fall along water of black clothes river, the course places Jiang Zhile hill, abide Min river and fall to to 僰. Black clothes line comes road of the cent after appropriate guest: One embarrassed exterminate, continue from 僰 path namely male travel comes nocturnal man (today Guizhou An Shun) area, again southward but up to now Guangdong Nanhai; Another 5 foot that then Qin Daixiu builds, lead to area of pool of another name for Yunnan Province. The Tang Meng when Chinese fierce emperor " authentic Shi Kaige, in order to connect south in " , try 5 feet path to rebuild extend, form by 僰 fall south the path, door spending rock (today sweetened bean taste of Yunnan salt ferry closes) to Zhu Di, next by flavour county, reach the government-owned road of area of pool of another name for Yunnan Province. Again because of this road with bright red raise a key position, reason calls Zhu Di to again. The area hill tall marine insurance of by of 5 feet path, road very hardships and dangers, the pedestrian says its at that time " dish snake 7; Argali, black windows, gas and day are connected " .

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