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Remote imprints
After line of Sichuan body poison gives Chinese territory more from another name for Yunnan Province, through forest of Burmese and northeast upland, arrive at India, we call this one Duan Jingmian pasture to Indian circuitry for the moment Sichuan body poison on the road remote imprints. On geography, burmese uprighting between India and China, especially its north is in Indian northeast and Chinese Yunnan between, like be the same as Yunnan, so it is Sichuan body poisonous path needs the corridor of classics. Burmese with Yunnan western the area of border land border on is upland of a mountain forest, weigh whisk upland. Upland chain of mountains is densely covered, the ground rises and fall tremendous, relatively tall Chakeda is controlled 1000 meters. Relief with southwest brim highest, reduce gradually to southeast. Much north and south of the mountain range inside whisk upland is moved toward, but distributing not messy. Especially the northwest region with Yunnan border on, period of bright Qing Dynasty is called " savage hill " , it is medium imprint mountain ranges of a series of travel of Xiang Ping of north and south of remote border area, belong to Burmese A to play the one part of dry mountain range, by northeast to southwest outspread, form the protective screen of a thing liaison man. But rely on Sichuan body poison closely to speak condition jump over (today Teng Chong) pointed high mountain with on the west, cut off without high mountain great river, make aperient profit since ancient times, the people moves frequent. And be interrupted in a certain number of local hill body or cave in, cause remarkable mountain pass, become the main thoroughfare that thing liaison man and archaic people move naturally. The A Sa that can enter India from this is close (today state of A Sa Mu) Campagna; From A Sa Miping former westerly can reach Indian each district, and even in Yaxiya is taken; Can issue Bengal bay continuously southward, change to enter Persian Gulf by sea route, perhaps cross on the west inferior, produce connection with the country such as Mediterranean big the Qin Dynasty. The remote that Sichuan body poison imprints paragraph of circuit trend, there is clear put down in writing in history. The remote in the basis imprints the situation sees the geography of mountains and rivers-land of border area, although the whisk upland undulating hills of area of this have a common boundary, relief is complex, but those each mountain pass that lead to Campagna of Mu of Indian A Sa, was the path of Sichuan body poison between the Yin Mianzhi in debutting to offer the possibility on geography. Accordingly, the remote that Sichuan body poison imprints paragraph trend, probable be after be being left the country more by another name for Yunnan Province, through each mountain pass of whisk discretion, especially slope upland takes graceful Buddhist nun, pass through hill of handkerchief come away and A pull the basin between dry mountain range, enter area of A Sa Mu directly.
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