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Yong Changdao
From the Western Han Dynasty Wu Di comes at the beginning of the Eastern Han Dynasty, main get through mixes central dynasty control Yong Changdao, it is path of Sichuan body poison in Chinese churchyard most on the west paragraph. The 5 feet path that path of Sichuan body poison sets out to via 僰 from Sichuan comes after pool of another name for Yunnan Province, westerly arrives at 楪 Yu, with by plain the clever Guan Daoxiang that 楪 Yu arrives at on the west closes, the westerly before continueing next, jing Yongchang goes out Burmese. From 楪 Yu enter on the west, do his utmost when emperor of edge Chinese fierce the Bo Nashan of get through, to 巂 the Tang Dynasty (protect hill today) , again by another name for Yunnan Province goes out more Burmese, this is Yong Changdao. Its from 楪 Yu westing, cross Bo Nashan, via river of billows dark blue is being crossed south rich, touch Yong Changjun to treat (protect hill today) . Always prosperous is Sichuan body poison is led to on the road Burmese the significant faction with India, in be Chinese advance period, imprint, the main station mouth that remote economy culture communicates. Association of here China and foreign countries is very frequent, reason has " county of Han Zhiyong prosperous, big the Qin Dynasty is connected on the west " say. Another name for Yunnan Province is located in region of country of tall goosefoot tribute more, yong Changxi goes another name for Yunnan Province is jumped over, surely the angry river with topping angry hill, billowy classics and abrupt and arduous tall Li Gongshan, the danger of road, unapproachable, but this cutoff to lead to India, another name for Yunnan Province jumps over early to make Sichuan body toxin with respect to development on the road China leaves the country portal and extremely on the west town of military importance. And the trader that period of Chinese of the Qin Dynasty has Sichuan ground and body poisonous state is long-distance traffic, have trade more by way of another name for Yunnan Province, make another name for Yunnan Province jumps over development to make the foreign trade terminal with the earliest Yunnan and southwest door.

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