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Sichuan body poison
Sichuan body poison is the Warring States the China that is traffic hub with Yunnan to Chinese advance period is famous external passageway. This road although in BC 2 centuries just are discovered accidentally by Zhang Qian and fair all at the world, but this is a road that exists already. Indian scholar thinks, be in early peacock dynasty times of India, their central dynasty with respect to the ancient method that adopts a perforative Yunnan and China produced connection, and this orientaton of ancient course " the northeast mountain range that is Mu of by A Sa and Burmese way necessarily " , may be to pass Yunnan to go out only that is to say Burmese the road toward India. After undertaking study to existent many historical materials and archaeology data, chinese scholar also reached same view, think at the latest arrives BC 4 centuries end, one from today Sichuan Chengdu sets out, yunnan of be well versed in, go out on the west Burmese the big channel that reachs Europe -- principle of Sichuan body poison is liberal already, and be the method of a business that people of southwest every nationality uses extensively. However this road takes ability seriously to carry till what the Western Regions of Zhang Qian be sent on a diplomatic mission causes a royal or imperial government at annals. This one discovery tells us a such facts that do not dispute: The BC to end of the Warring States 4 centuries, yunnan had the channel between each tribe not only, had the traffic way that contacts with Chinese inland photograph, and already open up those who lead to Burmese today, India external passageway.
Sichuan body poison with today Chengdu is start, southwest gives Qiong, 僰 to another name for Yunnan Province, jump over from another name for Yunnan Province (today Yunnan Teng Chong) give Burmese Dui Renyi (today great-grandfather city) to graceful Buddhist nun slope enters body poison (today India) , it is perforative Yunnan, as big as the international that outback Sichuan, the central Shaanxi plain is linked together and connects with the Burmese, India outside the condition channel. It closes path, Yong Changdao and remote to Yin Daolian is received and be become by the 5 feet path of Yunnan of be well versed in, spirit, representing the top level that traffic of Yunnan of this one period develops.

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