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Hump course
Hump course, it is the course with 40 world-famous time. Also be at that time on the world the most difficult the most dangerous line, look today still have important historical sense. During be in the Second World War because of its open up, also be Chinese War of Resistance Against Japan is in most the hour of jeopardy.
The Kunming that course reachs Yunnan to city of guest of Chongqing, appropriate, Lu from Sichuan sets out the booth Su Keya of border land of northeast of India of non-stop flight to's southwest lowing river airport. Course spans mountain of high of heavy high mountain, gorge deep gully, mountain peak rises and fall continuous the peak backbone that is like a camel, have mountain range of tribute of famous the Himalayas arteries and veins, tall goosefoot, traverse mountain range on the way. Hill is in high commonly 4500 fluctuate to 5500 meters, in snow line left and right sides, there is tagging Yu Longshan on the map very 5596 meters tall. The river if Bulamaputela is Mei Kaijiang of river, favour, angry river of river, billows dark green, Jin Shajiang.
Course often is harsh bad weather, in monsoon often rain, the visibility in sky is almost 0. Around lowing river cut help friend neat it is the place with the most rainfall on the world (year rainfall achieves 26461 millimeter) . Monsoon is as long as namely afterwards the thunderstorm of a few months is seasonal, have changeful rise, drop air current and powerful monsoon. Again hind it is serious freezing, often be whole plane is encased by glacial layer, driving against the wind is achieved sometimes horary 150 kilometers above. Although have the air man of experience most, also cannot make sure the flight is safe completely.
The device inside the airport is reached on course very pallet, maintenance technician is lacked, equipment is inadequate also, the edge is the navigation establishment with very few number only in course road. Still have the function restriction of the plane, on this course, often climb is less than the height that exceeds mountain peak, can cross in the valley only. In 40 time, DC- 3, C- 47 transport, ceiling can achieve 5000 meters or so only, when total carring capacity carries a passenger, can fly in 3000 400 height only.
Hump course may encounter various danger situation at any time and place, dan Fei clerk people for the War of Resistance Against Japan, no matter still be day and night desperately fly, sometimes simply too nervous. At that time the flight personnel of civil aviaton. The An Yao that be like bridge, Huang Guangrui, Huang Tianjiao, Liu Ming becomes aware. Liu Mingkui, Pan Guoding, Hong Qiming, Bian Rengeng, Yang Ji, Chen Hongen, Chen Wenhui, Chen Wenkuan, Chen Qi is sent, , in the flight going there and back that hump course flew to to be finished nearly 900 times inside 3 months, transport goods and materials is close more than 20000 tons. Earlier air man is very few, of China, of foreign citizen of Chinese origin, the flight personnel of foreign nationality adds up initial stage also is less than 100 people (later period recruits about 200 people) .
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