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Southern the Silk Road
Result from the southern the Silk Road in Sichuan, its existence should compare famous northward the Silk Road early two centuries left and right sides. Northward the Silk Road makes a name already China and foreign countries, and bright however somebody knows southern silk way. This is the highway of international have trade relations of a folk, be in early initial stage of the Warring States already was formed namely, it is the overland traffic of the foreign trade with our country the oldest southwest, to communicating archaic China and South Asia, on the west inferior the relation that reachs Western Europe each country, having major effect, also be pair of China's earliest diplomacy open a line. Ground of its unknown to public is developing the economic culture contact of China and foreign countries, until piece the ability when the Western Regions of 騫 be sent on a diplomatic mission discovered this way.
Southern the Silk Road, the development on the path of Sichuan body poison in Chinese advance period and the foundation that into mulberry elk Ling is formed. The discovery that poison of respecting Sichuan body still has a paragraph of interesting word. BC 122 years, chinese fierce emperor sends the Western Regions of piece of 騫 be sent on a diplomatic mission, in arriving inferior. After going back to the motherland, say to submit a written statement to a higher authority of Chinese fierce emperor instantly, he is in big summer (today Afghanistan is upper) when, see have from body poison (today India) traffic and cloth of the Qiong bamboo bastinado that come, Sichuan, this shows has road to be able to be connected certainly between body poison and Sichuan. Such, piece 騫 is Han Chao get through not only the way that northwest opens to diplomacy -- path of the Western Regions, and the ancient way that discovered one leads to India from southwest. This is the rudiment of southwest the Silk Road. It explains to be in at least the BC of end of the Warring States 4 centuries, yunnan had the way between each nation not only, had the traffic way that contacts with Chinese inland photograph, and already open up those who lead to Burmese today, India external passageway. Its ancient time is called " Tang Bo ancient course " , " Bonagu " , be known as today " southern and onshore the Silk Road " .
Make an on-the-spot investigation integratedly according to what go to this Gu Daojin in recent years, confirm this Lu Youdong, on the west two. Line north has appropriate guest east, music pacify city reachs south, the saline ferry that clear of by way of knows an area, big close, the county such as Lu Dian, because the line is broad only 5 feet, call on history " 5 feet " . The Christian era 793 years, the back is gone against the Tang Dynasty long Nanzhao king of 42 years, clique emissary requests to return the Tang Dynasty. Next year, drive of clique of central imperial court makes in assist Yuan grow, act under orders to hold a section to go to Yunnan to confer different Mou Xin to be " Nanzhao puts in justice king 's charge " . Make official all come and go via 5 feet path. On the foundation that in 5 feet, later generations gradually outspread to Kunming, Chu Xiong, Dali, in general canopy post and line spirit closes to hand in on the west collect. Line spirit closes on the west by hill of Lai of Chengdu classics Qiong, cottage (ancient say clever close) , Chinese source, Xi Chang, big Yao Zhixiang carry, Dali. Thing line is handed in in Dali after collecting, be called the path austral rich or Yong Changdao, wait to Burmese India, Afghanistan via protecting hill, De Hong abroad all countries, or come via protecting hill, Teng Chong and other places of Mu of Sa of A of Burmese, India, become join South Asia, on the west inferior and the archaic trade that amounts to Europe and culture communication channel.
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