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Another name for Yunnan Province jumps over railroad
Yunnan 18 strange " the train is illogical home connects abroad " those who say is another name for Yunnan Province jumps over railroad. Government office of Chinese clear affairs of state agreed with the Christian era 1898 French build law is belonged to Indo-chinese (today Vietnam) the railroad to Yunnan. Railroad prevents harbor to reach Kunming of Yunnan provincial capital by Vietnam sea, full-length 855 kilometers, gauge is 1 meter. Among them, the sea is prevented to old street one paragraph is in Vietnam churchyard, plan grow 389 kilometers. Began construction 1901, 1903 complete be open to traffic. To Kunming by bayou one paragraph is condition of another name for Yunnan Province, plan grow 466 kilometers. 1903 start working, on April 1, 1910 complete, immediately following in time year of all fronts be open to traffic. Strike back to jumping over defend oneself in China afterwar, this railroad stopped " connect abroad " . 90 time restore 20 centuries again be open to traffic, till 2004, this rice path railway that already had hundred years history just suspended operation formally. Be opposite in those old train drivers nevertheless rice course, withholding distinct recollection, a master that the surname is like is such memory, "Stand to bayou from careless dam the circuitry of 200 much kilometers, cannot see one Duan Zhi line almost, railroad turn comes abduct goes, if the snake walks, plus slope urgent, the speed per hour of train often is less than 30 kilometers. " with " the railroad of move with the body on the ground, creeping train " will describe another name for Yunnan Province to jump over railroad is very appropriate.

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