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Tea hut bird
"Tea hut bird " in Pu Er city in place of 10 much kilometers, past is Pu Er go to Kunming surely the road of classics. We already were in climb, go in winding flag ancient on the road, my listen respectfully of a kind of through the ages halcyon, this is old a thing of past the interest that can arouse initiator quickly, let a person be immersed in boundless brimless far is thought of! Lofty broadleaf the old cane of wood and chiliad, in the sunshine afternoon ignore dark ignore bright, the horse's hoof of flagging imprints the sound that sending a horse's hoof to beat it seems that, deciduous leaf and moss hit ancient road. We are breathing fresh air, can hear rumour bird language and brook insect are shallow right now chant croon. The Kingdom of Wei already caught in bright hand all over rubicund crab, zhao Yun, Hu Aimin removes the stone in water of a brook, sidewards of another red crab runs quickly, huang Qing one diameter 3, the branch of 4 millimeter extends red crab in clip, of branch Qi Qi by clipping, "Dropt it " , tian Zhuangzhuang says. Genuflect is in ancient on the road, wear with fingerprint on flag sunken the horse's hoof below is vestigial, the our very natural tea Ma Gu that pursueing this to lead to distance, along it, you can arrive Dali, Li Jiang, enlighten celebrate, Tibet and distant India. Want, the Gu Lu that this is about to disappear, once how does the ground help the mankind. It is in harships intense bolt, bearing the weight of tea salt, deferent culture, conjunctive city and countryside. Shu Xi of person of Qing Daining Er fills have " tea hut bird " poem: "Rugged bird path locks up male edge, all the way high official position is straight, God. Outside simian acupuncture point of wooden leaf light breeze, before the cane spends drizzle horse's hoof. Hillside dawn spends barren village month, shi Zhanchun contains wild villa tobacco. Point to consider Central Plains to go from now on, warbler sound is urged send ancestor unripe whip. " the mountain that climbed 559 meters, know from axman mouth, still have forth again very long very long " tea Ma Gu " . Suitable ancient course is downhill, there are a lot of tea gardens on half slope, often a few little male girls collect tea to come back, they make tea " tea hut pond " treatment. "Tea hut pond " there was station of dak, Ma Dian, tea, cloister in the past, the one fellow-townsman that breath out the Buddhist nun got us to see a block of stone used as a seat below cloister bequeath and monument, a few old buildings still can show a few former stories fully. We look " tea hut pond " green tea processing factory, equipment is simple, also knead tea to kill green rough machining with respect to be confined to.
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