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The beach buries a lover

The beach buries a lover is the Lisu nationality the Valentine's Day in them when a when hold very distinctive nation activity.
The Valentine's Day is the good-fellowship festival of men and women of youth of the Lisu nationality, blessing tribute county takes autonomous prefecture of the Lisu nationality of popular Yu Nujiang.
Of the festival that day, men and women of youth of local the Lisu nationality, gather on the beach of angry river bank, hold " the beach buries a lover " activity. Their gang uplifts person of one's heart come, in the bunker that embedded has dug beforehand, bury a private parts only, do not have danger definitely. Fitting the pattern of special sadness next, weep bitterly, sing mortuary song, jump mortuary dance. Cry enough, sing sufficient, jump tired later, just come out dig of the person oen is in love with orgiastic. Before Bei hind is happy, the raise after oring before, before depressing hind romantic, form bright characteristic of the festival. They think " the beach buries a lover " , add again cry, sing, jump, can what be added on lover body " Azrael " bury, make a lover long-lived 100 years old. The person that is buried has male have female, this is right he (she) for it is a kind of good luck, because somebody falls in love with him (she) , he (she) the lover in making someone frame of mind.
Stick person
1, 6 libraries connect regular bus to blessing tribute, one hour one time, car Cheng 4 hours, fare 20 yuan / person;
2, accommodation: Guesthouse of blessing tribute post and telecommunications (3 worlds, have toilet, 100 yuan / )
Blessing tribute is industrial and commercial bank hostel, 15 yuan / bed

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