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On Feburary 6, jing Hong city Jinuoshanjinuo a group of things with common features be wounded in fight of drape a band of red silk over sb's shoulders of rustic village stockaded village, wear a festival full-dress base assemble of brethren of Nuo a group of things with common features rouses culture square to sun of country government seat,
Special diligent captures a part, be on the west the minority with particular autonomous prefecture of Dai nationality of double edition accept base the Nuo a group of things with common features is the royalest traditional festival in a year. "Special " for " hit " meaning, "Diligent is overcome " for " big iron " , namely " forge iron section " , it is the festival that is commemorative radical to ancestor of Nuo a group of things with common features uses ironware and be established, evolve after for base demit of people of Nuo a group of things with common features is old the New Year section that see the New Year in, time is annual the Gregorian calendar will come 8 days on Feburary 6.
Celebrate a festival that day in the morning, inside stockaded village old " Zhuo Ba " exert oneself to do sth. knock offers that upstair tom-tom above all, issue the signal that the festival comes. After men and women hear tom-tom, apparel anew, embrace enter nimble cattle to nimble ox field. People arrives neat later, "Zhuo Ba " the farm cattle Song that faces that toggle to wait for nimble attends speech of ox of a paragraph of nimble, lead people nimble cattle. Man of whole village manhood, one hand supports bid of a bamboo, the station is in be apart from farm cattle 56 meters of places outside, ordinal lift mark to cast Xiang Geng ox, tie bovine system till nimble gun, blood stream having delicacy goes out, after farm cattle is inflicted heavy losses on, people just is cut with the knife slaughter farm cattle, decorticate minute of flesh. Beef wants first inside deal out stockaded village " 7 old " (color of Zhuo Ba, eminent, cling to glutinous, lubricious glutinous, can fill, slave of filling glutinous, grandma) , the Qian Jun deal out that presses a collect next each. Midday, the wine flesh cooked food that the oneself on each home strip prepares plays bass drum of hold a memorial ceremony for to Home Zhuo Ba. When hold a memorial ceremony for is roused, chicken feather, hammer, pinchers, ginger, taro, flowers should be placed before beat. "7 old " ordinal and sit, read aloud hold a memorial ceremony for to rouse a word by Zhuo Ba, beat noisy bass drum, guide everybody to jump to be invigorated greatly, call decline old see the New Year in song. Afternoon " 7 old " dine with the resident inside stockaded village separately. It is night, listen to a singer to sing at Home Zhuo Ba centrally, young men and women is in downstair and optional singing and dancing, until dawn just comes loose. Morrow in the morning, hold forge iron ceremony. The masses inside stockaded village is in " 7 old " guide below, the person of forge iron of will all meeting (blacksmith and its are prentice) cluster round eminent lubricious home, ask blacksmith brandish hammer to strike hammering block, the implied meaning already had hit new knife, new axe, preparation throws spring ploughing production. The others time is begun swing swing, dozen top, lose a bag, step on the recreational and sports activities such as stilt, let people to the top of one's bent recreation.
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