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Red-letter day of head of eye of the Jingpo nationality
Eye head, say again " total dagger " , meaning of language of the Jingpo nationality is " groups big dance " . Also make " eye head head " , " wood is troubled by " , " wooden head is troubled by " . Hold every year, hold in the first month of the lunar year of the traditional Chinese calendar commonly, by a definite date 3 days two. During the festival, people gathers to the square that holds eye head activity from far and near. Square center is erect two eye head post that make an appointment with 20 meters high, suspension symbolizes twice flinch the bolo of brave adamancy, board stands by, register horizontal a small case, draw colour is drawn. Build tall station again, hang musical instrument. People is attendant go up to jump happily eye head dance with sth in one's hands. Eye head dance with sth in one's hands takes the lead by two old people of sainted, the peacock that there is beauty on old person head feather cap, to fold of to fold of dance of hand Shen Hui grows a knife flashily, people is walking to a drum on a pedestal is nodded and compare "(bamboo aerophone with " business) accompanying metre, the dance side Bian Ge. Steps energetic, commutation is orderly, still accompany in sound of singing and dancing with " oh! Oh! " hurrah, sonic boom is alled over wild! Make whole dancing was full of wide spread, vigorous and firm atmosphere.

Look about jumping head, still have an old mythological fokelore, the children that has the sun only in ancient time allegedly just can jump eye head. Once sun clique emissary invites everythings on earth to attend the grand meeting of large order head that he holds to the earth. Sparrow bird was sent to attend on the earth. After sparrow bird returns the earth, choose peacock is the first held tellurian first time eye head. Result, be gotten the better of by the ancestor of the Jingpo nationality tribute of dried meat child is plunged into and his wife saw, they are intoxicated for the dancing place with lark beautiful enthusiasm, also jumped in spite of oneself, mix orchestic attitude, pace form, write down deeply in brain. After returning stockaded village, held scene quite person first time looks head. The society jumps the scene of eye head quite the person becomes more clever, brave, more unitive friendly affection. Consequently scene quite person and eye head produced deep love, the royal festival that regards this ethical tradition as it will commemorate. Evermore, eye head makes the indispensable one part in life of culture of masses of the Jingpo nationality.

" the brigade of Yunnan "

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