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The Spring Festival goes Lu on the west " drive place "
The Dai nationality of autonomous prefecture of the Jingpo nationality of Dai nationality of De Hong of Yunnan of inhabit a region, life rich and colorful, items of activity of ethical red-letter day is various, have " place Gan Duo " , " Water-splashing Festival " , " piece depression " wait for a festival. These festivals, local Dai words says " place " original intention is royal festival or assembly activity.
Of Dai nationality " place " , differ, dimensions mixes time and content the number is not same also. In the past a lot of " place " the activity contains richer religious color. After liberating, dai people transform social traditions, " drive place " became communication of goods and materials and culture communication.
Of Dai nationality place a square that is set in small towns or village commonly, stall is bristly, goods is various your person is dazzling, too many things to see. All sorts of handicraft that have place are tasted, ethical gust food, skirt of handkerchief of Home Dai silver-colored headgear, canister, canister and all sorts of farming by-product, still have incomputable Thailand, Burmese the snack of made brightly colored and commodity.
Of course, place all sorts of recreational activities of the distinguishing feature of the most intriguing rich people of rich still place on field, especially Dai makes fun of. Want to hear sound of gong and drum only, drive the crowd that place to be met immediately to the side of arena, the nation that admires oneself makes fun of. Besides, place Dai nationality still is held on field " 12 horses " , " fry dance " wait for local people literary activity, occasion dimensions is royal, stirring.
Dai youth men and women, still borrow " drive place " seek a spouse, place it is the site that they seek a target. They are passed " drive place " , fall in love together, in order to seek sweetheart.
Of Dai nationality " drive place " , the number with larger scale always is by tens of thousands. Lu smooth, block puts city wind on the west of countryside " place " , be being driven is a few days of a few night, place on field, crowd bright will reject toward, still hold between each village " fry match " , nightly have the film and wonderful literacy program, whole " place " in the joy that is enmeshed in the festival.

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