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Section of flower of the Nu nationality
The Nu nationality is only the minority of 30 thousand population, hill of tribute of the green jade river that basically lives in autonomous prefecture of the Lisu nationality of Yunnan angry river, blessing, tribute 3 counties and the Tu high mountain of county of orchid level ground. Fairy " of " of believe in of the Nu nationality, it is a kind of relic of female of maternal and clannish homage. Annual the traditional Chinese calendar in March 15 to seventeen days, when proper azalea blooms, person of the Nu nationality wants to celebrate a festival for " fairy " , this calls " flower section " again, it is Yunnan the hill that save tribute takes traditional red-letter day of folk of area of the Nu nationality.

Say as it is said, it is before early, if water of drop of angry home mountain fastness is oily, rural and run-down, people life suffering can'ts bear character. At that time a beauty, clever and the fine and soft of A of girl of the Nu nationality with clinking muscularity, cleavage with the arm cliff, excavate a cave, drew the spring water of clear Qing Dynasty for people of the Nu nationality, make weather-shack land got irrigating, from now on barren mountain became oasis. People of the Nu nationality call A Rong " fairy " , the folk-custom activity that flower section holds to commemorate her namely. Annual the traditional Chinese calendar in March this days 15, masses of the Nu nationality is an unit with natural village, the choice comes 3 stalactitic lime grotto are fairy hole (or weigh classics hole) , each each go there sacred. Go sacred people has plunged into a bundle of Shu Dujuan to spend, take oblation, drinking vessel; Every still are used 3 stand to 5 packets of corn at mouth of a cave, pile the commissariat that all sorts of clean washing into conic form, place oblation, burn tobacco removing a pine, read aloud Zhu Ci by officiant person, feel uncertain recite scriptures, kowtow displays great master tribute. Mix before the stage a two side, the body wraps around the dark red cassock, Lama that holds classics of Song of musical instruments used in a Buddhist or Taoist mass and hold the bugler that gets strike of suona horn, condole. Branch having a pine, flower, corn and colored flag of of all kinds are inserted on the stage of burn joss sticks of all directions form with left Lama. Good fortune as one wishes of Na Songzhi implied meaning, remain fresh forever; The flower is Jing Xian gives " fairy " ; Corn expresses golden harvests, annual and superabundant.

In rising and falling suona horn sound, rouse small cymbals high play music, sacred activity reachs a climax. Next, the crowd begins to " fairy hole " mobile. Wear the flower that the hand holds full-dress girls in both hands to just plucked, bringing sacrificial offerings, come " fairy hole " take " fairy " " galactic " , with the bliss of invocatory fairy. Folklore, what distill from stalactite the water that come is fairy A Rong is galactic. After coming home, each fete drinks, recreation of singing and dancing, the youth still is worn full-dress, to archery of the match on wide field. Evening, young men and women even round bonfire singing in antiphonal style, dance, do not cease all night.
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