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Strategy of stone forest travel

Be located in the churchyard of stone forest county that is apart from 100 kilometer of Kunming city. This county is landforms of our country karst (also call karst landforms) the area that centers quite, entire county shares stone forest area 400 square kilometer. Scene area by big, small stone forest, Naigushi forest, fold hole of cloud of water, long lake, month lake, Zhi, strange wind tunnel greatly composition of region of 7 wind a piece of scenery. Among them of stone forest resemble laying stone, the amount is much, landscape value is high, all over the world is infrequent. 1982, via the State Council approval is scenery of key of level of the first batch of states surely scenic spot area.

The tourist attraction basically travels inside beauty spot
Stone forest
Stone forest is located in Kunming city east, the scenery that is world rarely wind scenic spot, it is nature uncanny workmanship outstandingMake. Be in wide inside the area that amounts to 400 square kilometer, spreading all over the megalith with old general forest of about a hundred black group. Some independence are become scene, some freely crisscross, become repeatedly, cover an area of tens of mu. See ground of strange Shi Ba only and rise, irregular extraordinary, 1000 appearance 100 condition, wonderful artical excelling nature, by people praise for " the world the first marvellous spectacle " .
Basically visit stone forest of area plum Qing of stone forest, the area makes an appointment with 12 square kilometer, visit an area to make an appointment with 1200 mus. Main by stone forest lake, old stone forest, Xiaoshi Linhe plum garden is comprised a few times partly, you Lu many meters 5000, it is the monomer inside area of stone forest scene the biggest, also be most the concentration, most beautiful one place. Annual the traditional Chinese calendar the link division June 24, stone forest the Yi all around, Chinese wait for every nationality masses to want to celebrate joyously festival to stone forest from assemble of far and near. People days holds tumble, climb the match activity such as lever, bullfight, night lights ablaze bonfire, make fun of song and dance of people of lion of dragon, dance, show. A fine moon dance, old trichord dance is the most welcome traditional festival.

Outside stone forest
Stone forest basically points to those who be located in besides size stone forest outside all round beauty spot. Circumference of this beauty spot tens of in. Barren mountain of mountain of be out of office, in flower greenery clump, again a lot of strange peaks blame stone to adorn meantime. These different stone are individual and giant, image is dramatic, add surroundings vibrant, eye shot is relatively open also, visit do not have again a kind of appeal and experience.
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