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The Lisu nationality " go up Dao Shan, finish a sea of fire "
"Go up Dao Shan, next a sea of fire " , do you think this is brave words purely? Not, it still is a kind of masterly art, it is the traditional festival of a nation.
At the beginning of Feburary 8, li Su person says " arbor section " . Generally the festival is grand and be full of festival, and arbor section is much still the layer is majestic solemn and respectful colour. I had passed in Yunnan Teng Chong, second arbor section. That day is hit early, apparel the every nationality men and women that gets brightly colored gathers beside mountain forest or on gentle slope, ground of change of layer upon layer change round the circle, there is bonfire in the center of the circle, stand by, have blow on the face of a heat wave and come. Zhuang Han of Su of a few Li fiddles with catch fire caboodle. Wait for smoke San Yan to cease, remain, of pile intense charcoal and crimson cindery when, this is " a sea of fire " .
Mang gong noise rose, an old man announces aloud with Li Su language " begin " . 5 stalwart fellow, the head plunges into bright red towel, wear bright red clothes, the waist fastens red olivine to spend towel of 5 kinds of paper in vain, barefoot of ground of air space dignified runs quickly to a sea of fire. Crowd disturbance rises. Young woman laughs at a few the Lisu nationality the girl that is pushing a round face: "A Na, quick look! " the girl is small head, be unable to bear or endure to glance sideways secretly to the middle of a sea of fire again however. I what like seek novelty stand to the side of them.
Ground of fix eyes on looks at everybody performance: The fellow that is a head stretchs his hand first toward a sea of fire one explore, procrastinate give to burn red iron chain. Circle suddenly toward the body, seem fire snake wrings a body, then rapid ground unlock will swing the next. Those two companion also are like law brandish. "Ah bang! Ah cough up! " the crowd is given out cheer. A Na maintains his composure however, slow-witted looking, also do not blink even eyelid.
Make fun of ham catenary, 3 fellow stride again a sea of fire, leap rises. From time to time embarks on a journey turn circle, from time to time makes a round trip across, thin leg of from time to time skips vacate, double foot of from time to time skips vacate. They chaos of the spark below double foot is splashed.
"Ah bang! Ah cough up! " people anounces applause thing again, white face is standing stupefyingly.
Charcoal fire is passed so trample, gradually dark go down. The fellow that head uses one side red flag to get its fan of Gong Liangliang, in catching 3 to jump fire simultaneously again, face all directions is kicked suddenly, raise together igneous chute, igneous rainbow, come back answer fall for in succession igneous rain. Suddenly, they are admired backward again, fall on igneous pond all over, fire is grey " Peng " the ground is entered vacate and rise, upblaze of at once of multicoloured paper towel.
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