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Song of stone treasure mountain is met
Shi Baoshan is south sword plain county 15 kilometers; Annual the traditional Chinese calendar on July 28, it is to hurry on with one's journey on the highroad alley all round Shi Baoshan the person that joins song of stone treasure mountain to meet, have sit of old car, take miniature car, sit of the walking tractor, sit of carriage, have walk. No matter the men and women is old strong, each wears a festival full-dress, hurry to to Shi Baoshan hurriedly. Have not only in them come from sword plain 4 countryside the people of the Bai nationality of 8 stockaded village, also have come from source of Dali, Er, crane celebrate, people of the Bai nationality of Yun Long, Lan Ping, Li Jiang, the Lisu nationality, the Yi nationality, the Naxi nationality, the Pumi nationality. There is a body to conceive stunt among them, go out the singer of the chapter, also have be attracted, curious collect treats a customer interestingly, still have the young men and women that seek a partner in Shi Baoshan on purpose or trysts.
Before the field that the song meets is in temple of photograph of treasure of stone treasure mountain. Treasure photograph temple is Ming Daizheng all year (1436, 1449) built renown Buddhist templeput on the brakes. Cascade of layer of neat hall of treasure photograph temple is folded build go up in arduous cliff, high it seems that danger is about to drop, your population dizzies; Be like roc again it seems that volant, be high up in the air is about to rise. Its surprise quite nearly absolutely, in Yunnan can saying in all cloister is peerless. Masses song is held to meet before a such Buddhist temple, also be miracle really one picket.
Although treasure photograph temple is blamed nearly. The place of song assembly room before the temple is very quiet however secret nature, slowly fluctuant meadow, or delay or steep hillside, emerald green pine cedar, green in begin the broadleaf with red extensive, chase fade-out to do not have the stone class in the woods, labyrinthian before the water of Chan Chan brook of travel, everything is so peaceful. If fire is like,wet song can be about to spread out in this environment. From July: Rise this days 18 days, below every tree, the crowd that have in every clump bush or stand or takes, as by tens of thousands the arrival of people, quiet mountain forest also becomes disturbance is disturbed.
Voluntarily comes to the people to Shi Baoshan, have only to the purpose here, that plays singing in antiphonal style namely, because who need not this await to issue orders, also do not need to build station of singing in antiphonal style painstakingly, should arrive only Shi Baoshan, still go up in travel-stained road even, sing with respect to ground of unable to hold oneself back rise fourth. Arrived Shi Baoshan, people searchs a circumstance initiatively at will, or geminate and didymous, or in threes and fours. Or thousands of, some falls in the tree, some is in half way up the mountain, some is in by gully, ground of strive to be the first is antistrophic folk song of the Bai nationality. It is song stage everywhere, can sing everywhere. Accompanying musical instrument is very simple, as long as an austere bibcock trichord is enough for people incessant singing accompanies fourth. Sometimes also now and then the bowstring that use an opening, Zhu Di, leaf, whistle accompanies, do not want any accompanying even, the mouth is sung, everything chooses its natural guileless and convenient. The folk song with antistrophic people basically is love song, but some lingering, some gentle and lovely, some loud and clear, some is sodorous, some mild and indirect, some is lively, some is grave, some indignation, some is humorous, some takes banter laugh a bit. The singers of male and female of singing in antiphonal style, some have never met before, but the man should see favorite girl only, " clank Zheng " before going up, impact sanxian goes, p reaper ground is funny sing tune of a the Bai nationality, the girl can reply with cadence immediately. Such, of 2 people antistrophic can last downward like the ground like natural and smooth writing factory. 2 people edge sings an edge to be close to, final phase gets together in, case, the age that uses opposite party of singing understand one another further, village, family, profession, ambition. Such antistrophic affection is unbroken, lung of hold up popular feeling, both sides forms a spouse possibly because of this. But if interlocution type sang a few song, among them an ability poor word absolutely, fumble, that cannot antistrophic went down. The singers of singing in antiphonal style, have a plenty of the old rival of annual singing in antiphonal style. Such singer singing in antiphonal style, singing resembles is mountain stream medium spring is incompact flow slow drip, forever perpetual. Their singing sometimes affection is profound, sometimes relaxed and happy, still take fun partly sometimes even fleer. They are annual singing in antiphonal style but do not pour the other side hard, after the song is met preparation of leave no stone unturned, search bowel blows abdomen, think in the 2nd year with one action beats rival. But still be bad component fluctuation the 2nd year, be forced again handclasp make peace. In the singer of singing in antiphonal style, also have, some be a few years, it is old lover of 229 years ten years even. Youthful moment once swore by the moon and the stars in the skies to love forever, form a spouse under the counter, but of the life by force of parents or other a strange combination of circumstances cannot be united in wedlock consequently formerly. Old hind, although already had adult of a room, children each, but still wipe do not drop young when that paragraph of love that remember to the end of one's life. Now, happen to coincide went up Shi Baoshan, that sign of collect carefully bottom of the heart was found in countless singing, found the many lover year ago down singing. Such lover singing in antiphonal style is special sorrowful of Ai Wan chilly, sob is depressed, below the tear that urge a person. There is overmuch miserable anguish in their singing, make the person feels although love is good, but should obtaining it is how hard, want to pay the price of lifelong anguish for it sometimes. Such lover, some lives in stockaded village of a hamlet at the same time actually, but in Shi Baoshan only the song is met, they just are not had scruple, to the top of one's bent confide inner feeling. People cherishs various complex mood and purpose so namely, singing the song that they should sing footloosely. Still have in the crowd of singing in antiphonal style walk back and forth the youth that watch the scene of bustle, look here, listen over there, but because do not have the ability of singing in antiphonal style, cannot appreciate the rich inner world of singers. Body of true it may be said enters treasure mountain however empty-handed and still. Dan Shibao folk song can be little not their, their arrival can increase for the song opportunity of survival and lively. And, perhaps go up again next year when Shi Baoshan, they also had become outstanding singer!
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