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Festival of the Pumi nationality
The Pumi nationality is a minority with our country less population, population makes an appointment with 20 thousand much person, basically live in area of He Lanping of cloud Nanning Lang. People of the Pumi nationality is laborious and brave, having oneself long history culture and custom habit, its festival activity also is varied.
Spend the New Year greatly, it is one of the Pumi nationality is the grandest festivals in a year, general from the twelfth month of the lunar year ancestor of 29 hold a memorial ceremony for, eat year of meal to arrive at the beginning of the first month of the lunar year till the 7 birthday that spend perfect man, want time 78 days. First day of the lunar year in the morning, the old person should be pulled to Zong Ba (divine table) burn joss sticks prays, sacred ancestor. Every year full the children of male and female of 13 one full year of life, should hold " wear pants " , " wear skirt " grown and formal type. Divide in addition, still have on hill hunts, circle hill to depasture, play grind autumn, god of hill of hold a memorial ceremony for, jump the activity such as boiler village.
After eating meal of reunion of the New Year's Eve, year full boy of 13 years old, girl, by sexual distinction each get together to be in, all night is orgiastic. Wait for east to become white, in returning him home severally, hold " to wear trousers " or " to wear ceremony of skirt " Chengding for them by the family member. If be the girl,the Pumi nationality of river bank of billows dark blue is in, by the " of " female column that she walks along igneous pond west the front, double foot walks on pig fat and commissariat bag respectively, pig fat is indicative fortune, haversack is indicative bumper harvest; The right hand takes the jewelry such as dangler, a string of beads, left hand takes the commodity such as yarn of ramie, flax, indicative woman has the right of creature comfort and the obligation that assume domestic labor. Then the mother takes off flax long gown of the girl, change short covering, put on 100 plait skirt, strung an embroider chatelaine. If be the boy, by the " of " male column that he walks along igneous pond left ahead, double foot walks on pig fat and commissariat bag, the right hand holds sharp knife, left hand takes silver dollar, silver dollar is indicative fortune, dagger is indicative and brave. Take off flax long gown of the boy by uncle next, change short covering, put on trousers, strung a chatelaine. After the ceremony passes, these boys, girl just calculates grown adult, ability is qualified enter formal social activity.
Every arrive the traditional Chinese calendar at the beginning of April 5, rice home opens general to be brewed with new wheat wine world, sip gives Sulima, spend red-letter day of have a taste of what is just in season. Outside dividing oneself carouse,
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