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Jade spring park
Pool of beautiful river black dragon park of renown jade spring, be located in city north to fall like the foot of a hill, from Gu Cheng the Yu He of freely of abb of classics of edge of all directions street goes upstream, make an appointment with an one kilometer to one manage glittering and translucent and clear spring pool, it is the Hei Longtan with famed China and foreign countries namely. Tan Shui is seamed from stone emerge emerge ejective, clear spring of 10 thousand a dry measure used in former times collects 40 thousand square metre pool face. All around picturesque scenery, promising. Draw near according to hill the ancient building with water beautiful model adorns meantime, be known as a beautiful jade on highland of northwest of another name for Yunnan Province.

Cent of jade spring park is the 4 scene area such as Yu He, Long Tan, Qing Xi, mountain forest. As pool of fire hose of dragon of jade of main memorial archway having rock, Yu Quansheng condition, blue sea, jade, clever as hill spring, Qu Qiao admires garden of fish, Lan Pu, peony, Mei Yuan, booth seeing snow to wait for 10 many tourist attractions. The building of green jade of ancient building bright, 5 phoenix buildings, building that get a month. , booth of hall of Long Shenge, play, one article.

The assemble inside jade spring park archaic the Naxi nationality is built group, the bright generation that has provincial key protection 5 phoenix buildings, disengagement forest, still have numerous clear acting building. Cent is third floor cabinet " the building that get a month " face water on four sides, carved beams and painted rafters, if foam of Guo of generation eminent writer ever was inscribe of this brandish pen " the building that get a month " with two pairs of couplet, among them one pair is " myriad of spring breeze willow scenery here alone good, fly jade dragon so many charming of 3 million country " . Depicted a park racily to surprise beautiful the natural beauty of lakes and mountains.

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