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The tiger jumps gorge
The tiger jumps 60 kilometers of county of autonomous county of the Naxi nationality of gorge distance Li Jiang, this gorge is in Jin Shajiang upper reaches, full-length 18 kilometers, the tiger on cent jumps, in the tiger jumps, next tigers jump 3 paragraphs, circuitous road farring away 25 kilometers, the east is jade dragon snow mountain, it is west enlighten the haing Ba Xueshan that celebrate, gorge is perpendicular differ 3790 meters high, it is one of the deepest gorge on the world. Jiang Liu is the narrowest place, make an appointment with more than meters 30 only, fierce tiger of according to legend is downhill, on the reef in the river a bit one foot, but rise high into the air is crossed, friend says the tiger jumps gorge. The reef inside gorge is bristly, have dangerous shoal 21 place, be as high as 10 to come of rice drop bank 7 place, chute 10.

In Li Jiang churchyard enters a tiger to jump gorge, big countryside of county of Ying Congli river is entered, it is the tiger jumps actually here next tigers of gorge jump a sector of an area. The tiger in classics jumps, on the tiger jumps the town of either end of a bridge of Da Diqing city, gorge jumps toward the big You Shanghu that have native place before, in Li Jiang area car passenger station buys a ticket, fare makes an appointment with 23.5 yuan. The tiger jumps gorge entrance ticket 30 yuan.

Pedestrian wade the tiger jumps gorge is all the time in foreign tourist very general, but in recent years popular also in more and more home tourist come. It is pedestrian below wade the tiger jumps the specific journey detail of gorge, offer interested friend reference.

Pedestrian wade the tiger jumps gorge journey

A thing that should do above all is mixed to OldMarketInn namely MaMaFu cafeteria asks recently about pedestrian a few messages, concern traffic respect especially. Rising to beginning from either end of a bridge is big still is really hard to table a proposal, the communication that although pedestrian return ends in either end of a bridge,answers Li Jiang will be more easy, but although want to wait 9 days to answer Li Jiang in order to build a car in big,you must consider, also meet a few otherer than be in the place stays 9 days to be close friends.

Successful word is in two can finish in the day pedestrian, of course also a few tourists are opposite walnut forest is infatuate and make the journey exceeds a week. The Chinese hotel from either end of a bridge (namely you take Li Jiang car to the tiger to jump the place that gorge gets off, if you are to sit down midday 1: The car of 45 has to be here pass the night) go toward north, crossed the bridge to turn right, you went up the tiger jumps the road of gorge. Pedestrian 6 to you can arrive at walnut Lin Xiaozhen after 8 hours. This paragraph goes in 78 months of monsoon may special terror, can hill body coast, torrential chute holds off your outlet. Had better ask about a circumstance to local dweller.
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