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Dragon spruce level ground
Dragon spruce level ground renown samite cereal, it is the tremendous lawn that is concealed in primitive Shalinzhong together. In the Shan Qing that is located in the foot of mountain of Shandong of jade dragon snow, in the right lower part of snow mountain the highest peak in a mountain range.
It is regarded as myth of the Naxi nationality in fokelore " Yu Long the Three Kingdoms " entry point. Here, grand jade dragon snow mountain is in nearly very close, chiliad glacier clarity is visible, besides view and admire jade dragon snow mountain, what cent realizes virgin forest specified amount is bizarre and peaceful, still can enjoy offer the singing and dancing that minority waits for on the west.
To dragon spruce level ground, you can take car of special railway line in the station inside beautiful Jiangchen, north goes 15 kilometers arrive Bai Shuihe, multiply cableway of 15 minutes to be able to arrive next.

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