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Beauty spot of old gentleman hill
Hill of Mr Li Jiang old is 3 rivers spread a landscape scenic spot one of main body parts of the area, it is Yun Ling advocate arteries and veins is in Li Jiang, sword plain, Lan Ping, dimension the floorboard inside prefectural area waits on the west. Old Jun Shan is continuous Pan Gen counts a hunderd li, layer cascade is folded, rise and fall, altitude of the highest peak in a mountain range 4240 meters, be called by past dynasties historian “ another name for Yunnan Province saves ” of numerous Shan Zhizu, because of fokelore too on old gentleman ever got a name in this make pills of immortality.

Scene area area kilometer of 710 much square, rich high mountain vegetation, precious is rare use a plant, numerous lake glacial corrode, the folkway folk-custom with the each nation much colorful posture such as bizarre red glow landforms and the Naxi nationality, the Bai nationality, the Lisu nationality, the Pumi nationality, the Yi nationality, form area of scene of old gentleman hill to provide the distinctive landscape that views and admire value and science to inspect value extremely. Basically have ninety-nine dragon pool piece area, lake of jade of gold-rimmed stone golden hill piece area, benefit adds groove guard of nature of golden monkey of another name for Yunnan Province, landforms of glow of matutinal, beautiful happy red piece area, new advocate arboretum piece the tourist attraction such as the area. The red glow landforms inside scene area, stone of strange peak different, clear brook of green jade lake, close Linfan is beautiful, high mountain meadow, put peak strange gorge on the ice, your person absolutely. Every arrive Chun Xia is alternant season, pediment is brilliant, contend for strange bottle colourful, into piece the high mountain cultivates azalea forest greatly, be like,admire rosy clouds, come in the winter, it is to cultivate the flower that hang silver, hill wraps around Bai Xue, send the northland view of a world of ice and snow, the area of matutinal beautiful Le Jing that is located in matutinal countryside churchyard, main landscape is the red glow the general configuration of the earth's surface that gules sandstone forms, the area amounts to 240 square kilometer, it is domestic area the biggest, the red glow landforms with the most complete development, cliff, perilous peak, cave, 1000 appearance 100 condition, glow, it is our country the colour in landscape of numerous red glow landforms is the most flowery, height above sea level is top, tall difference is the biggest, the one place with the most trenchant administrative levels, the tourist attraction such as hill of king of among them 1000 chelonian hill, Li Guangfo, bird, the place that it is a world sees only, divide hundred intermediate hard with source of Hunan fierce hill. Be located in Lu Dian rural area is new advocate of churchyard new advocate arboretum scene area, gully crisscross, be in harmony of bridge of pool of chute, green jade, Shi Ya, stone is an organic whole, there is spermatophyte inside the area 79 divisions 167 belong to 280 a variety of, it is precious more very among them rare endangered plant, in October 1984, institute of Yunnan province plant and expert of organization of branch of beautiful river forestry and brainpower investigate argumentation through science, name for " new advocate traverse hill is natural arboretum " .
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