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5 phoenix buildings
Former address of 5 phoenix buildings is located in northwest of beautiful river county inside the temple of country of Zhi hill blessing of 11 kilometers, old name is unfixed forest. Change came jade spring park 1979 inside Hei Longtan. 5 phoenix buildings are timberwork of fastigium of assemble of ternary brim much horn to build, look from all sides as volant as 5 the phoenix that is about to fly, reason calls 5 phoenix buildings.

Building plane is shown " inferior " glyph, say again " 10 " glyph. It is the planar layout form of Buddhist temple model. The range is wide 3 (connect 18.92 meters) , into deep 3 (connect 17.78 meters) , connect 20 meters tall. Dougong heavy and complicated, meaning of extremely rich adornment accumulate. Modelling is elegant, conceive unsurpassed. Adornment case fan, flower board, Liang Zhu is colour of all elaborate sculpture, draw, elegant grandiose. Before buy platform, apply white marble to look at column, column board all detailed of carve patterns or designs on woodwork is empty, grass of auspicious birds different has divine appearance each.

5 phoenix buildings are me the main ancient building that province nation region has science, history, artistic value existent. In January 1983, province people government announces Yunnan to protect an unit for cultural relic of the 2nd batch of provincial keys.

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