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General aid temple
General aid temple is located in beautiful river county on the west the foot of a mountain of aid of 6 kilometers general, only then build at Qing Qianlong 36 years (1771) . Original audience hall, monasterial wait for 12 compound, existent 3 courtyards. Wait for composition by wing-room of the hill door, hall that protect a law, audience hall, north and south.

Audience hall duouble-eaved roof rests summit building, in order to carry Fu copper made of baked clay reason on the head renown copper made of baked clay hall. The range is wide 5 22.85 meters, enter deep 5 20.3 meters, show a rectangle, housetop copper tile covers an area for 46. 4 square metre, it is the cupreous made of baked clay building that Yunnan survives exclusively. General aid temple is northwest of another name for Yunnan Province one of 13 Lama temples. Teaching the characteristic that there is religion of Chinese of be in harmony, Tibet to be one furnace on appearance.

Two Gu Haitang still are put to cultivate inside the temple, of primitive simplicity is vigrous, limb Qiu coil, overspread full whole fane. The lawn before the temple is like mattress, scene of area of beautiful river dam, can take in everything in a glance. Temple Zhou Li cultivates Cheng Lin, pear spends full slope, every arrive spring will spend put, if tourist is knitted. December 1987, province government announces Yunnan to protect an unit for cultural relic of the 3rd batch of provincial keys.

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