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Wall of treasure mountain stone
Be located in beautiful Jiangchen north in the Jin Shajiang gorge that 110 kilometers are in, over the dawdle shape megalith that because inhabit a region of more than 100 other peoples is in,becomes independent and get a name. Stone wall all is cliff bluff 3, slope of one side stone inserts Jin Shajiang continuously, two stone door can offer only north and south discrepancy, it is the city of a true natural barrier.

At the beginning of Yu Yuanchao of city building of treasure mountain stone year, the book in going for Yunnan at that time saves Li Jiang Lu Xuan strokes department place administer treasure mountain city manages one of 7 administrative divisions. Provide greatly today administer, big east, cry sound, treasure mountain, act according to but the limits of 5 countryside. Treasure mountain city is in the Yangtse River in the bosom of the first bay, by pocket of be similar in shape of 3 annulus river, freely of churchyard mountains and rivers-land, river valley is deep-felt, have dense virgin forest and resource of rich the content that use plant. Climate differs 10 lis day, hilltop Leng Liang, river valley fights heat.

Wall of treasure mountain stone east face gallop blusterous Jin Shajiang, clutch south steep can cross like cut cliff absolutely, the yak mountain of layer hill rows of mountains is depended on on the west, north closes according to the prince with arduous high and steep, the monarch on the hillside has the layer upon layer terraced field with continuous jackknife all around, still stand firm like a beautiful glossy ganoderma in 1000 hill in 10 thousand big pool, the tourist that come from afar, often experience strongly what generation sees a new world.

Accept of wall of treasure mountain stone on the west language call " Labailu dish a depressed place " , meaning for " stockaded village of treasure mountain white stone " , scale of house of the tile inside the city, tunnel freely, cliff of monarch of dweller of the Naxi nationality builds house, building mainstay and room edge stone all are followed situation hit into, nature of of primitive simplicity, strange absolutely boundless.

Shi Chengzhou surrounds all hillsides, all monarch that every can reclaim is terraced fields, with yuan the terraced fields photograph of the river is compared, the terraced field of treasure mountain still has original creation, the do as one pleases that is having a unique style then irrigates system -- either on Tian Man shed next cropland, be in however of every cropland below repair have culvert, the irrigating that forms by culvert and water mouth network, stem culvert water mouth, water can shed fill is whole cropland, culvert water mouth is opened after full water, block up again on mouth of fill cropland water, water falls by culvert shedding, can irrigate lower level Tian Kuai -- won't produce the phenomenon that seize fertilizer, the original creation that this kind of terraced field builds, show the intelligence an wisdom of people of archaic the Naxi nationality adequately.
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