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Temple of Ling Yuanqing clever source
Northeast of edge of Cong Yongsheng county sails to highway 3 kilometers, after crossing a close village, enter the Ling Yuanqing with deep and remote luxuriantly green, because the clever source temple inside Qing has the avalokitesvara of big ancient stone inscription like one true person like drink praise nearly hundreds years.

Temple area fluctuates, gu Mu is very tall, comely and attractive. Main body building has cabinet of main hall avalokitesvara, hall right Zhen Wuge, cabinet of Dian Dongren day. Annulus half way up the mountain has cabinet of shake of Ma Yunting, Xiu Zhenting, dwell above main hall, or bright or dark, or concealed or now, between beautiful bamboo of haunt ancient tree. From of old, tourist in an endless stream, the problem chants book bosom, praise lyric person the place has more. Or engrave Yu Shi, or plaque Yu Kuo, or couplet Yu Zheng slants each hall, multicoloured, full of beautiful things in eyes.

Cabinet of main hall avalokitesvara, past dynasties has repair, existent Dian Ge, it is smooth mood 2 years (1876) repair again on site. Draw near on crag cliff, unload water of Lin Lingyuan river. Avalokitesvara hall is ministerial, it is screen wall with delicate woodcarving. Corridor of the rail outside the hall is set with marble make and become, work at sth with special care, gorgeous. The most precious is the avalokitesvara that is engraved on megalith in the hall resembles, this image height 178 centimeters, 75 centimeters wide, picture by quarter have " the Tang Dynasty Wu Daozi pen " model of written characters, modelling is beautiful, engrave meticulous, stereo sense is strong, lifelike. Yong Shengshi engraves avalokitesvara to resemble, be in not only the painterly, artistic quality that engraved craft respect to show working people of our country ancient time and creativity, and in the geological earthquake respect that always gets the better of an area, also have fundamental research value.

Ling Yuanqing falls on temple area, build have two stone arch bridge, the bridge of brook calling green jade above, rebuilt on site 1941, local name new bridge. One below makes watch calumniate bridge, rebuild Yu Jiaqing 11 years (1860) . Clever source river admitted hill spring of Zhu Shan, flow into the bridge to fall, run quickly to Wu Longchi (Hei Longtan) , chundong during, current relatively delay, clear see an end; Summerly autumn water goes up surfy.

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