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You think really is in bright generation ah

Base of movie and TV of emerald green hill[Area] music pacify city
[Place] music pacify city
[Tourist attraction] city of movie and TV of Qu Jingcui hill
[Learn beautiful language]

Touch beneficialThe word says I change a long gown that day, plunge into the hair case, fan is taken, knapsack is thrown, begin to stroll in front courtyard of idle of base of movie and TV of emerald green hill.
The sky is Anacreontic and azure, green hill greenery is shady. Go in Gu Xianggu lubricious " Ming Dynasty a street " street go up, look at those copy bright building, the mood also returned ancient time.
Base of movie and TV of emerald green hill because TV series " who advocate ups and downs " be sowed in countrywide heat and by hep, so here is one suits to associate the good place of that paragraph of troubled times at the beginning of Ming Moqing. Troubled times gives a hero, the manners and morals of the time one bad, appear with respect to somebody will build new order, alleged " my domain listens my " , sounding today is individual character, comparative in troubled times bully gas and reality. Whose domain be just after all then? A large number of heroes chases the deer-fight for the throne, who asks a vessel finally?
Li Zicheng enters emperor of the Chongzhen Emperor of Beijing hound somebody to death, wu Sangui brings Qing Bing to enter for one anger of female close, bright die clear to promote. Li Zicheng says to arrange an emperor greatly, zhang Xianzhong says big on the west the Supreme Being, Base of movie and TV of emerald green hillThe Supreme Being, wu Sangui stations troops Yunnan ready to do sth, pattern bizarre and motley, too many things to see making a person. After all who advocate ups and downs?
Consider my one interpose student, want to live in that time, hanging namely at most " Mo Tan countryThing " the prattle in cafes a few just, topic also outside Chen Yuan circle has much beauty after all, be worth hero of so much matchless to do it desperately information of a certain number of the Eight Diagrams. Which meeting has so much if -- if do not have this belle to appear, how to meet?
Wanting to be lost in thought, hear somebody suddenly to exclamation careful. I look up to look, differ 7 inches to bump to the wall only. Turn round rapidly one 緝 , "Thank girl, small unripe civilized! " mouth of that girl close lightly laughs, "Need not, you still feel unripe to live in bright generation really. Cut! " my groan, if do not have her to be in, I must hit a wall.
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