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The world the first strange village

200 old before, one group is avoided destroy the Jiangxi person of the disaster of the door, escape the Dashanli of officers and soldiers that chases tramp over hill and dale to come to Yunnan heavily, a tremendous cave was found between the mountain ridge of layer hill rows of mountains -- peak grotto, in cave the lid removed a house to find a place for come down, went up too eventually the life of safe calm, multiply haunt slowly, heretofore had had 60 families.

Go peak grotto when press a root to did not think of a person to there can be so large latent capacity in panic, hill landscape water, one step by step measure, the cross of how many should that need? More terrible than this is the mankind however of mutual carnage fierce and cruel.

To the peak grotto cannot drive, half talent was defended to wrap a piece in the rice line shop that we take in roadside agricultural car, the vehicle with exclusive stockaded village of local village village is this. The flavor in the sort of jolt on narrow yellow mud road simply unthinkable. Squeeze in cab to be cast to be cast, the arm bumps into blueness.

The resident of peak grotto is moved for the most part. But that tremendous cave still makes us astonied. Pieces cave mouth of a cave is big, just like a huge tiger mouth. This heroic tiger once was containing 60 families in the mouth. Station of thickly dotted still ground is full in the hole now building. These buildings are pallet board room, roof just is being spread casually with bamboo disdain. You are OK and optional above walk, it is absolutely only cannot rain of block wind archives. The task nature of rain of block wind archives is then early give the Long of lava happen frequently supported. In this narrow space, there still is small vestibule before every family door, placing the stone joint of bones of rice of a pestle without an other place. Can imagine here live nearby or in the neighborhood, pound sound blast, the scene of be in harmony of its Le Rong.

There still are a few other peoples in the hole. The youth that has two outer jobs comes back to see an old person, get us into the house in their hole. In dim house, two old people must leave us to have a meal, we are not willing to disturb them, was determined to come out. When the old person sends us to come out, return very grouchy. The honest this shows of here resident one spot.
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