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After 50 years, I am already old. Sit in beautiful hill lakefront, the past still remembers dimly a few. I look at the smoke little in my hand to be in blacken, if be dropped like dirt,go down finally. Because this hand is long the edify that gets smoke, fizzled out overly apparently a few. My life also has yellow only euqally with black.
When I remembered I am small, without sadness and trouble, be full of pure smile and the brawl that were not necessary. The piscine shrimp of edge of Pearl River source and slimy baby, multicolored cobble, self-restrained sword and handgun, in cropland graceless and frantic run. Blue sky, yes, blue sky, in the Yunnan-Guizhou PlateauPearl River sourceOn, what I see at most is blue sky, each days want me to raise a head only, before blue can appear in me. And I lower my head, those who see remain so blue that spend hill lake lucidly. Such blue call a person to choke, make a person dreamy, without sadness.
I just know later, in words condition of the west, blue is representing distressed meaning. A girl tells me, blue bruise is very deadly. I do not believe, I think that is the illusion of adolescence of a girl. But she holds to all the time.
Blue sadness still is some, in the blue of stretch to the horizon, a mermaid by banish, she should be far from her blue, she does not want to abandon, but she must abandon again. The world of Andersen more white that are Leng Leng, that is not warm. Now and then blue makes a person distressed more however.
The narration that the west has a color of deep know well the home calls Jisiluofusiji, he is sent from the river of home townShowed the defect of color, however this is not spectral meaning only those who go up, however affection, life and human nature. You feel OK to leave certain place, not be actually, you are deep-set all the time amid.
Sit in beautiful hill lakefront again, be enmeshed both hands in water, cool and refreshing as before. I feel happy I often did not go, youth still is in, if only after 50 years, I can say, make eventful love, felt beforehand when I am young. As the photograph lake water before, the heart is blue lucid, be too busy.
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