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Appropriate fine[Area] Kunming city
[Place] appropriate fine county
[Tourist attraction] 9 countryside cave
[Learn beautiful language]

"Everybody does not sing slept, we deserve to issue bride and bridegroom first, is ballot still freewill collocation? " still do not have 9 countryside, laowang gives out Jing day to ask. "What bridegroom bride? " many people are curious. Look at everybody one face is interrogative, he is laughing to rise.
"How many years didn't you play the game of play house? Give everybody this time a chance. According to as one used to do experience, the beautiful little sister that goes together can be a day in the hole become a bride many times. Grow the little sister that resembles point of safes to have the opportunity that makes a bride to give, everybody still decides first, forbid turn things upside down. " formerAppropriate fineCome, the popularity in 9 countryside cave game of celebration of a kind of newly-married, the tourist can put on minority dress of place, had passed conjugal strong interest. Laowang's look is staring at beautiful Bei Bei, and a bit fat pear is thoroughly low first.
I scanned circuit, search me " Ashima " . Mind is one Jing, if according to local tradition, man with fat and black for the United States, I this " A black elder brother " should won't do certainly. Fat had not comparedLaowang, black than crossing blackbear, "A Shima " did not make fun of not to say, did " A Bai Ge " (namely playboy) , face ah face! I cast the eye when Xiang Xiaofang, day, catching the look with evil blackbear, that expression, as if should small fragrant pink brushs light. Was over, my sad cries.
The program that marries a bride is held in the subterranean square of cave, swam shade emerald green gorge, saw hall of chute of divine cropland, male and female, powerful army wait a moment, the main game that day began.
The dress is to hire come, flower 20 multivariate, good-sized trumpet has.
The bride is fast match, what prepare ahead of schedule so like us is very few, a lot of girls are temporarily excited join.
Music is Orphean, the wedding march of minority, do not have so that say.
Occasion is lively, ethical dance of 30 minutes, teach you to meet, tired to your leg soft.
Bridal chamber is off-the-peg. Other meetings give a person false sense, but this bridal chamber, be to be really in the hole. Of dark, write me here, I just think of, can true somebody bridal chamber? Of course, people does not say, how can I know again?
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