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The double yellow egg below the sun

I and little sister are twin, but be ashamed of my all along at admitting, cause is a many dark past: I am dark the schoolboy that love shows a back asks a far: "Who is that person, grow so that follow a pig like. " I say: "That is my twin little sister. " his awkwardness comes extremely: "I am sorry, I should can see, both of you grow very to resemble. Both of you grow very to resemble..

From now on I to oneself this secret stop talking is not carried.

2005 Summer Solstice, river of Yunnan Chinese ink. Noonday street, sunshine is point-blank. Full-dress crowd rank roadside, the bosom puts an open expectation. Far is lively walk along covey forces, it is geminate and didymous twosome, close careful look, every groups of two people from clad dress up expression bearing, it is unexpectedly exactly like, the mirror with aeriform one side was cultivated in be like a road, copied dragon of a person two. Although be in expected, audience still exclaim again and again: Had seen twin, had not seen so much is twin.

What I cherish a heart is secret, with the little sister a place oneself this twin boundless ocean. This we are invited to play traditional twin part by government of county of Chinese ink river.

The convention that annual twin festival is pair of twin is inspected, the collective that is an eyeball more is orgiastic, visit ave lane, square, dining table, shop even in the toilet, catch clone person easily, full ave is exactly like double yellow egg, such grand occasion, never mention it other people, connect my him twin, also have bit of feel dizzy.

After collective make one's rounds swims, do not know the lousy idea that who gives, want appraise through comparison of pair of all twin spot. Arrive as a child big, we 100 thousand times the ground is surrounded to watch, dog hold <> concurrently with Di the whisper clucks: "The little sister is like a bit more beautiful " , " but the elder sister's eye is big " , at that time I two turn round angrily: "What to see, had not seen twin. " vexed grievance, become aware greatly the suffering of twin life. Old tactics repeats now, I am dark call in a bad mood, shine to look on at the same time others enthusiasm contend a variety of twin most, which are right highest carry, which are right most exquisite; Which are right most cruel, which pairs are the most beautiful, who is the most handsome, who most drag; Which grow to blindly follow sb most picture, which grow more unusual more to parting company, main function is try to please the public with claptrap of concoct various pretexts, cut, had not seen world.
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