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From 1850 to 4292

From which pasture arrives De Qin, take an examination of quite drive ability. Can not believe your technology too, these 300 lis of roads, altitude drops free and easy is become, road is flexuous, of the circumstance daedal, f1 can not be competent.

Next, look for a good season. Chu Xia, here still takes chilly of a bit spring chill, just about pediment is brilliant.

From which pasture comes out dot of the first stop for refreshment when travelling is to run quickly child column, altitude 1850 meters, with Kunming about the same, climate is similar also, can recuperate the stomach that torment gets in long-distance journey well to here. Jiang Yu is very delicious, and except run quickly child beyond column, tibetan area does not have a fish, allegedly because of water burial the relation of this one custom. There are all sorts of hill fruits to sell on the street, also eat get watermelon. Have wild fruit of a kind of green, with the appearance of fig likeness, pare come inside the flesh like firedrake fruit. Such analogy very not honest and kind, if do not have two kinds of fruit after eating, most propbably cannot spread out an imagination. There is a fruit tree all round every house in the village, some are blossomming, some already pressed curved branch. This still answers what profit from develops Jiang He is moist. Develop Jiang He, odd a from the name " strong " word, what visible water measures is abundant, it collects Jin Shajiang, it is its important arm.

Run quickly child column continues to go to north, all the way altitude is gradational and elevatory. The road is dish of move hill takes a knife to cut, narrow narrow thin thin, continuous and ceaseless. In the corner with open eye shot, can scan widely sees strewn at random green group dance Bai Lian tangles in hill, country is so many charming.

Resemble a package be being cast in the car left cast right cast after doing not have direction, the place that has an expanse jockeys come down, roadside has a blue court, ascend look downward, jin Shajiang is in plantar. This picture can see on a lot of magazines, the water belt of sapphire blue color bends an U round gules mountain peak model, not be the Yangtse River here the first turn, but so beautiful turn, gave Yunnan to disappear again certainly. This " blue field " be to offer a person to consume film to use.
The car gets natural and smooth writing all right kind. Such speed, so fluent, turn the turn on this road, too satisfy a craving.
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