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Start a library[Area] Kunming city
[Place] Kunming city
[Tourist attraction] community of the art that start a library
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Zhou Yi comes Zhou Wu, I sit in the morning everyday same way bus, through 5 crossing, turn 3 turns. Get off, get on 6 buildings, in 8: Before the 2nd piece of 30 tables that take in the office to rely on a window.
The life is so bad not bad without wave without billow, but I am from beginning to end never blame everyone and everything but not oneself.
I do not have the natural gift that concerns with art, it is no matter music, brushwork, film or it is other. INot be one is opposite even artistic and sensitiveStart a libraryperson, did not pass wildly for it, had been obsessed with, happy pole and sob passes, bei happy event has accompanied each other. But a lot of night, in the night that encounters with art, I am having fly to live commonly.
I and a lot of stranger together, share too jazz, rock-and-roll, violin, Gu Qin, Gu Zheng perform, had shared the poetry that different language recites, had shared canvas, gouache, China to draw, had shared modern drama show, had shared contemporary behavior skill...
Happy feeling also is be bumped into by soft ground for an instant only painful. The feeling that fly just perhaps forgets what to remember again in the instant.
In those night, having pure first heart. In those night, the life is being had deep love for by me with another kind of means.
Encounter, leave, I did not chat with anybody even. The following day, I still am a city in hasty and travel face expressionless.
But I by those and " Nuodeka " encountering night is warm.
Pick up Hua Wei laugh, forget as two two-phase.

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Be located in on the west the community of the art that start a library of dam road is rebuilt by a group of deserted already plant factory building and become. Here still is the workshop of empty buy of plant of Kunming engine model 3 years ago, artist Xie Yongqing discovered here, start Kunming artists to be hired separately below, start a library nowadays personal classics makes a large artistic run, have the capacious studio of a few painters, much home public house and design office. Large exhibition space has on river workshop, well tastes gallery, old building gallery to wait, the Nuo land that still has a Sweden blocks artistic center.

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