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Rice line, collective also eat and drink

Yunnan person loves the rate of rice line, say very hard to be clear about with in a few words. Some earlier the position of year of rice line is not high, often appear with the form of breakfast, in recent years, rice line domain by great dilate, do not say breakfast, the formallest even dinner is solved with rice line insufficient also strange. Jade brook person has special red-letter day even " rice line item " . Ah, had seen those who kill a pig to spend the New Year, had not seen really cross those who take rice line to celebrate a festival technically.

On the history, rice line item does not have special date. Qing Chaoshi, it is to receive " earth advocate " and preparative festival, but now already no longer somebody remembers this. Be over too after year, be in jade brook country, the convention between kin ambulates begin to rise often. It is Home Zhang San begins to give out commonly invite, ask Home Li Siquan to arrive home one of these day in have a meal, the still has him Zhang San other close friends that is invited at the same time, him Zhang San decides the day, day where saying is which days, do not need constrained at traditional method calculate. This day, place banquet greatly in Home Zhang San when close friends, happily gather under the same roof when painful line having rice, indicate the section began a rice string formally. And meanwhile, countless villages are being built with same way it is completely OK to give a kind with spend the New Year the festal atmosphere that place on a par.

After several days, li Si finds equal opportunity, give out to Zhangsan and oneself kin friend likewise invite, this makes clear, rice line item of Li Sijia begins formally. In this paragraph of period, chopsticks of bowl of basin of gourd ladle of whole jade brook breaks up up and down fly, rice line sales volume soars, rice line item often should last above of a month.

When the dusk you see move is oily when the crowd that come home, the collective that must not think this is a common only eats and drink, you imagine jade brook person is right very hard the heavy visual range of rice line is spent. This festival suffers less than invitation, or not the rice line master home is satiate eat enough, be regarded as to be a kind very clodhopping behavior, henceforth is very difficult mix in home village or town go down.
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