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" Yunnan travel notes " : Yuan open terraced field

Restaurant all seats taken of Xiaoyu, neither one room. She sees my person stands in the doorway, ran, reach my area inside say to me: "Do not have seat, what do you want to eat? What do you want to eat??

"Time is had a plenty of, I wait a little while. I wait a little while..

I sit on small chair, small more than resemble book take, I look at the same time picture book, looking small shop up and down at the same time all around, dismissing slowly time. The doorway had walked along bicephalous piggy. The old grandma of the Naxi nationality that wears ethical outfit is outside the door come and go.

The desk and chair of Xiaoyu's dining room is very low. Can take 30 person only. The window of face road did not bring glass, can see outside the pedestrian on the road. From outside also can see room in. Put at the back of work station full all sorts of fresh vegetable. Here the client is OK oneself choose vegetable, client not a long time is OK also oneself are burned personally. About ten minutes, xiaoyu pats my shoulder, say to me: "There are a few people to want to eat together with you inside. "There are a few people to want to eat together with you inside..

I to in look, the man that there are 5 449 years old inside is in wave to me. Say: "Authority gets photography, hear you are Japanese, want to talking together. Want to talking together..
Still do not have room, oneself have a plenty of time, go to the side of that one desk.

"From where to come? "From where to come??

"Beijing. "Beijing..

"Be a student studying abroad. "Be a student studying abroad..

"Social person. "Social person..

"Come for what this? "Come for what this??

"See terraced field. "See terraced field..

They are Kunming some day the reporter of the newspaper office and gather film division. Today photograph technically. Still let me treat their reporter disease. I take digital watch for a chance, open the photo that takes today to let them look.

Let them read the one fiasco that is me. After they looked, rise with respect to the yock, "What? With respect to this? With respect to this??

Opened about the topic of photography. They take out the photograph that they photograph to let me look. Say to me " your did not illuminate good. Say to me " your did not illuminate good..

I explain repeatedly to them say: "This is goofy number camera only according to. "This is goofy number camera only according to..

They do not listen at all. the not worth a penny that I take? Then I took out my secret weapon. Issue in Japan namely then, the professional magazine about China " CHA I " . They may be to see Japanese magazine for the first time. Interest is very high, overhand breathed eye, a lot of pictures that enter on this book. Hear when them above when having the article that I publish, respect since silent. ...
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