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Water of Chinese flowering quince of Dali the Bai nationality
Water of Dali Chinese flowering quince is old little all appropriate, cool and goluptious, already satisfy one's thirst sees support sb with one's hand again, the feeling that papaya water drinks the Hua Shuang in the mouth can make you pause disappear exhaustion. "Papaya " condole as string of 1 like that ox nipple that is not the knot on tree of southern Chinese flowering quince melon, cultivate the fructification of content however, take its seed, pound, redo becomes the jelly with euqally transparent crystal, scatter the black sesame seed of bits and pieces, refrigeration hind is just as jelly, soft however sneak away approximately aeriformly. Do a small, dolly, join glacial water, brown sugar water to reach cool " rice shrimp " (a kind of rice goods, look dried of be similar in shape) and so on, make papaya water namely. Dip enters glass or inside the bowl, ground of bright while still alive is extremely inviting.

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