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Tea tree king
Yunnan is the good place that tea tree grows, it is center of country of origin of world tea tree.
In 1700 is plant for years of tea history " Pu'er tea " countryside -- on the west churchyard of county of sea of double edition Na Meng, have tea tree of a lot of old great part of a historical period. Among them one the oldest is in Ba Da area is large black hill in virgin forest, tree height 34 meters, the tree surrounds 3.3 meters, diameter a meter many, estimate tree age 1700 old, live to be from times of the Three Kingdoms namely now, and grow good. According to textual research tea tree of this individual plant is the world go up existent the biggest feral model tea tree, tea contains simple catechu element to amount to 46.05% , help advance somebody's career than our country model tea content should be gotten high much, this waits to hypertension contemporary model the disease has very tall curative effect, have precautionary effect to cancer. Collect tea girl every year to build ladder to pluck, people is viewing and admire tree of king of tea of this individual plant, can produce a kind to be opposite by the heart first the ethical sense of pride that Zu Su seeks a source originally.
The tea with relatively famous Yunnan is very much, with " Pu'er tea " name is the biggest. Pu'er tea producing area is very wide, of drainage area of river of billows dark blue face dark blue today the area, area that think of cogongrass and on the west the producing area that condition of city of double edition accept is Pu'er tea. According to textual research, " red Lou Meng " in mention " daughter tea " a kind be Pu'er tea. " war and peace " in one book, have the description that drinks Chinese Pu'er tea. At the beginning of Qing Dynasty " Heng Zhi of anxiety of sea of another name for Yunnan Province " in also have " Pu Er renown overweight the world " narrate. According to " annals of general Er government office " account, tea of Tang Chaopu Er already the name weighs the world, "The person that make tea into hill tens of 10 thousand people, tea guest bribe carries at everywhere. " think of cogongrass, double edition accept is taken on the west teem with Pu'er tea, aroma is thick, flavour full-bodied, sex is gentle, enjoy high reputation in the world, be called to reduce weight tea, gentle and graceful tea, hairdressing tea, lengthen life tea. Among them " another name for Yunnan Province is green " have effect of solution heat, wet one's whistle, "Another name for Yunnan Province is red " tea flavor is powerful, have " if compare,imprint this, perfect " word of praise. Both is well-known in the world beautiful is tasted. "Dali snow tea " originate in Cang Shan, have alexipharmic, clear liver function; "The tea that suffer from man " originate in Zhao Tongyong be apt to to be taken, can satisfy one's thirst is life-giving, reduce weight add feed. "A bowl-shaped compressed mass of tea leaves " use good great part of a historical period to plant suppress of evaporate of the gross tea that bask in blueness becomes bowl state, obtain multinomial world different praise, drink praise global. Brick tea is like Tibetian to wait by the nation of the much hotpot that feed an ox love.
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