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Potherb of bamboo slip pestle
What the Jingpo nationality lives is a mountainous area, feral dish fruit is numerous. The potherb of bamboo slip pestle of the Jingpo nationality has distinguishing feature most, have " pestle canister is not noisy, have a meal not sweet " say. Pestle is feral cordate houttuynia, take its root, pestle of the Chi that add a beans is made and become, call fabaceous Chi the root, it is one of potherb of husband of the Jingpo nationality. Scene the cordate houttuynia that grows in the shady hilly area of mountain fastness, Lin Bian, ridge of field and flat brushwood quite, its leaf is pale green, the root grows in vain, feed can disappear heat sees hot weather, can treat quinsy, tracheitis, pneumonic wait for a variety of disease, it is the wild lettuce of food medicine syncretic. The Jingpo nationality another renown dish is dish of pestle horse's hoof. Horse's hoof dish, because the leaf gets a name like horse's hoof shape, by the side of a low bank of earth between fields of long Yu Tian, conduit, annual can be collected, monsoon is the fattest. Machining a method is a horse's hoof mix after dish is abluent the spice such as Chi of chili, tomato, beans, salt puts bamboo slip pestle to make, also but after knead, add spice to mix make and eat. The can alexipharmic detumescence that feed, can treat tonsil phlogistic, traumatic scabies of sore of diarrhoea of painful, dysenteric, heatstroke, cure is swollen wait for disease, it is the wild lettuce of food medicine syncretic. In addition, still have pound feral coriander. Feral coriander, call remote coriander again, originate in Burmese, Thailand formerly. It grows at the tree to fall, wayside go up with barren meadow, scene quite mountain fastness everywhere is visible. Its leaf is like century plant, aculeate shape ages by the side of the leaf, hind of the Beginning of Autumn takes out beautiful bine, open Bai Hua or virescent flower, have peculiar faint scent. It can do spice, can make pestle food. Edible can treat cold, bosom painful, dyspeptic, intestines and stomach is unwell wait for disease, the main spice that is the Jingpo nationality and often feed potherb.

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