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The ox is scattered cast aside

Be in area of Dai nationality of scene cereal county, a Home Dai enters the food of name of be handed down through generations that uses fete guest, say for " the ox is scattered cast aside " . Its cook a method more special, on holidays or when managing a wedding, want to slaughter a cattle, ox butcher hind, the backbone flesh that takes out a cattle uses firebrand it is baked yellow, cut fine shredded meat again, mix in order to thoroughly cook the bovine haslet after, put ginger, garlic, hot pepper, earthnut flavor and the Zun Ke such as sweet broken face, the water of bovine pink bowel that the course after reoccupy boil filters or bile mix divide evenly, can edible.

"The ox is scattered cast aside " the most crucial burden is water of bowel of that ox pink. Oppidan wants to eat " the ox is scattered cast aside " without water of bovine pink bowel, replace agitate with slender acanthopanax leaf, flavour mouthfeel is similar. "The ox is scattered cast aside " the characteristic is exquisite and goluptious, fragrance Chun Zheng, colour and lustre is inviting, have be good at stomach, pass the time in a leisurely way hot and dry, add appetitive function, favorite.

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