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The Qi You of the Lisu nationality stews chicken

Qi You stews chicken, it is the traditional food that the Lisu nationality that lives in angry river gorge likes. The friend of on holidays or distance comes, li Su person can do this dish congratulate festival, entertainment honoured guest.

Autonomous prefecture of angry river the Lisu nationality teems with Qi Shu, Qi You. Qi You but edible, also can use as industrial chemicals, still can be used as medicine.

The making method that Qi You stews chicken is: Had slaughtered first strong chicken, mao Xi of get rid of cuts small completely, throw oil of 100 more than gram fuse in boiler after burning boil, fry the stew in chicken park boiler 56 minutes, asperse right amount arrack next, deserve to wait for condiments with anise, caoguo, salt, add right amount water, stew 23 hours with Wen Huo can edible. Qi You stews the chicken that come out, the flesh is sweet tender, crisp sweet goluptious. Travel, be away on official business place, you are not prevented sample personally local gust -- , Qi You stews chicken.

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