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Tea path
Yunnan minority not only high grade tea is more, the means that drinks tea repeatedly also provides a characteristic each. On the west the habit of the Blang nationality of double edition accept is a tea a place of strategic importance put on igneous pond inside the bamboo slip that take a surname slowly barbecue, wait for bamboo slip cortical the teem after anxious paste has been deposited, open again when need take with. They still like to drink a kind of acerbity tea, thoroughly cook fresh tea first, park shade shadow 10 days, the reload after fermenting enters bamboo slip, bury at ground the next month, dig next come out to calculate be made. De Ang a group of things with common features and the Blang nationality are same, also be called " old tea grower " , they also can make acerbity tea, be tea is put in bamboo slip, join a few areca, bamboo slip squeezing ramming, sealed canister mouth is put put January beyond ferment and become. This tea puts the to nibble in the entrance, have promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop the force of the thirsty, clear hot weather that heat up solution.
Zhao Tongwei believes prefectural old city to take masses to drink tea to still have more unique kind. Drinkable when had wrapped tea with fresh Chinese cabbage first, put in igneous pond hot ash to cover, wait for tea is taken out to develop bubble after tea is sere, sample flavour of scent of compound of that dish tea.
Another name for Yunnan Province on the west (on the west double edition accept, think of cogongrass) , another name for Yunnan Province east (clear is connected, music pacify city) a few areas have the habit that drinks the tea that bake. In time abundant or when the guest comes, bake little ground canister on fire first, put into tea to continue next roast, ceaseless and jolty jar, make tea even be heated, the fullback when wait for tea to become yellow and beginning to give out Jiao Xiang drinks boiled water, "Grow " one noise passes, the tea that bake (also say " 100 shake tea " , " Lei Xiang tea " ) make it.
The tea of Dai nationality that bake takes burnt taste slightly, the thick alcohol of color of the boiled water that bake of the Bai nationality, having a unique style. The tea that bake is general pour 3, common says " 3 tea " . They fill tea to be baked on brazier with arenaceous canister first, when arriving to show yellow slightly irruptive a few boiling water, next pour takes tea handleless cup, boiled water of again strong a few can sample, full boiled water pours again inside arenaceous canister at this moment. Every pour round call a, general with 3 in the limit of, every tea flavor has a characteristic, head suffering, 2 sweet, 3 aftertastes. With this likeness, a few the Yao nationality are used to bowls Jing Chasan is big, the name is " a bowl scanty, 2 bowls kiss, 3 bowls see sincerity. " the Va nationality loves to drink strong tea, drink tea to need classics water is boiled, use arenaceous canister to boil to boiled water only remnant 35 till, color is like Chinese traditional medicine, although flavour is sufferred from but cool and refreshing solution is hot.
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