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Dai nationality likes to eat cicada. Wing of cicada take out, will sufficient, fry a few cicada ripe, be born a few more additionally do, mix rise chop becomes sauce, divide outside putting commonly used spice, use two tomato cook over a slow fire of baked wheaten cake again, mix amid, flavour having a unique style. Archaic Dai nationality has relic eating cicada namely, constant " defend the lamp to wait for cicada " , obtain in order to attack for happy. Dai nationality still has a kind of size the piebald and gorgeous spider on big, body, it use baked wheaten cake, 8 legs burn-up, a skin also by burn-up, place the spider that has burned in meal of polished glutinous rice to eat next, its flavour is assuming the flavour at carbonado. Dai nationality still is fond of cicada having simmer in water to carry meat stuffing on the back. Distribute pork to go up first meat stuffing of condiments make it, again the take out of sufficient, wing cicada, gash from the back with the knife, place ready chopped meat into cicada body inside, had plunged into with thin thin bamboo strip, put into the decoct in oily boiler to fizzle out, its carapace glow is sleek, fragile dried meat floss of its flavour skin, faint scent is unusual.
Base the bag of Nuo a group of things with common features burns hill spider to also have local color quite. Put hill spider in joint of bones to wait for condiments one case with salt, ginger, chili, wild anise, garlic pestle becomes fleshy thick liquid, the leaf has wrapped reoccupy banana to be put on fire to burn, wait for banana the leaf is baked after fizzling out can edible, its smell is sweet hot goluptious.

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