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The handle rice line of the Achang nationality

Also call rice of flesh of live pig of baked wheaten cake the line, it is the Achang nationality famous local gust is fastfood. The metric system becomes white filiform, the condiment that does not have a color is added inside, fresh pork is burned ripe hind fine and soft of cut fine cut mixes with acerbity vinegar next divide evenly, wait for condiment plus pink of bowel of head of broken pignut, pork liver, pig, pink, sesame seed, garlic, chili, coriander, beans, acerbity water, agitate is become mushy can. Its smell is sweet hot, tastily. Wash the hand clean first before edible, with the chopstick clip gathers rice line is put in palmar heart, carry mushy spice to be put on rice line again " handle " , in sending the entry next. Because its have a way and handle rice line gets this.

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