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Cover crosses a hoof
The gust travel food that Dali cover crosses a county to make coils hoof, those who hold banger and ham concurrently is delicate. Colour and lustre is watched beyond bright-coloured, immanent flesh is contained character sweet, form be like pig foot and get a name. Annual wintry spring during, when killing a hog cut joint of ancon of pig foot edge first, pare crural spirit piece, leave toe and skin. Subsequently, cut pig lean lean small strip, add the condiment such as rice matching music, caoguo, fennel, liquor, salt, mix empty skin fills in one by one after divide evenly inside, plunge into close mouth airing with twine, number is put again in the future thoroughly cook inside boiler refrigerant, with right amount bloat turnip silk, add mix the spice such as chow mien, liquor, with roll hoof is put into made of baked clay canister simultaneously, edible can be taken out after lunar beyond. Roll hoof is carried convenient, do not need to put spice when edible, cold drinks and snacks, heat is fed all but, local color is distinctive, it is one of gust travel food with famous Dali.

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