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Deuce feed in all, what seek banquet water is consuetudinary
Yunnan is very much minority was formed in the life deuce feed in all, what seek banquet water is consuetudinary. If the Yi nationality is in slack season is seasonal, man the hill on be fond of hunts, after hitting muntjac to cut below one small Xian Jingshan god, by all attending hunting person bakes prey on the spot ripe cent to eat. After Dai nationality makes prey, offer hold a memorial ceremony for of best a flesh hill look first, next person of whole stockaded village deuces enjoy. The Jingpo nationality is collected chasing is very general, the prey that huntings, uniform deuce, your Excellency no matter child, each get, the person that connects pass by saw also get. Invite drink banquet, deuce prey, since is clannish the old relic that social keep comes down, also be the simple equal idea that shares labor fruit jointly.
The Drung nationality meets " card sparrow wow " , the Jingpo nationality meets " eye head vertical song " , the Va nationality meets " the beat that pull wood " when, want the bovine butcher with fat strong put oneself in another's position of will elaborate at ordinary times feed, fat to drop. Butcher hind is allocated on average by flamen more, the person that see has a share, its implied meaning is the air of essence of life that shares deities. They think cent fed hold a memorial ceremony for to cross ancestor, heaven and earth all magical oblation, can bring good lot of a year. Bovine tail is thrown in the Va nationality sacred in, this kind of idea is reflected most incisively and vividly. Slaughtering a cattle right now is not be in charge of by person specially assigned for a task, however groups big hold chopper, be fooled and go up. In an instant between, a whole ox is cut to be killed a remnant framework, people is with getting bovine tail the most auspicious.
Then Ma Ren and Le Mo's person also have the Bai nationality this relic: Hunt the person that see has a share, thoroughly cook animal flesh equipment wine to entertain relatives and friends even. The Va nationality of alliance still retained the habit that the meal divides by housewife when having a meal on the west, no matter appetite size, everybody is one, eat to fill a meal by housewife again. Live in the and other places that think of cogongrass to pull blessing a group of things with common features to raise a department to suffer from acute hearing person, when holding part of dragon of hold a memorial ceremony for, domestic home takes out all sorts of mice dried up, rice, salt, condiment to arrive bibcock (compere) in the home. The food that everybody comes to collect puts big iron bowl in, boil congee of one boiler chicken, everybody is enjoyed jointly, everybody has a share, eat till.
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